Kim Kardashian shows off her minimalist cream home to Vogue & the video is bonkers

We’ve discussed minimalist architecture and design before on this blog, and usually that subject comes up in association with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. They spent years building their “dream home”: a minimalist cream prison with no decorations, no life, no soul. Just bland and basic. Last year, Kim and Kanye worked out a deal as part of their divorce negotiations that Kim would keep the home and that would be their kids’ primary residence. So now this cream prison is Kim’s alone. In 2020, Kimye showed off the home to Architectural Digest, and I found the whole look depressing, especially as a place where four children are being raised. There’s no visual stimuli, nothing that says “four active children live and play here.”

While Kim (and Kanye) have showed off this home before to AD, now Kim has done another video for Vogue where she’s showing off this still-minimalist space. I actually hoped that once Kanye was no longer part of it, maybe Kim would put up some colorful paintings or buy a blue chair. No. Here’s the video:

First of all, while she shows off North’s artwork (which is legitimately impressive for a kid), notice how Kim plays fast and loose with whether any of that artwork is really on display on the walls or anything. Second of all, if I had an all-cream sitting room, I probably would have accidentally spilled a soda or some kind of sauce on the carpet THE VERY FIRST DAY. The kids’ scrapbooks are really nice though, genuinely. I admire people who are that organized, and yes, I know she has assistants doing most of it, but still. Kim should also not leave that trunk full of her precious personal items open and available to her kids either – her kids will ransack it and wear her old clothes!

As for the private garden… do you believe Kim and her kids and the cousins are all farming vegetables from that garden themselves? No. I do not. I’ll give Kim the benefit of the doubt on some things, but she, North, Chicago and Saint aren’t walking up the hill to grab some carrots. They have staff for that.

As for matching her CARS to her home… good lord. I cannot. I also think Kim was high AF when she filmed this.

— Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian) February 3, 2020

— Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian) February 3, 2020

Covers courtesy of Vogue and Architectural Digest.

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