Kirstie Allsopp sparks fury by telling drivers to ‘get a grip’ over petrol shortage fears

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Location, Location, Location presenter Kirstie Allsopp, 50, has divided her 424,000 Twitter followers after weighing in on concerns about a petrol shortage in the UK. It comes after drivers have grown worried after a number of petrol stations in the UK have temporarily closed.

BP and Esso have also issued warnings about petrol and diesel shortages at some of its stations.

However, it has since been confirmed that there’s no shortage of petrol or diesel in the UK, but there are supply issues.

The shortage at petrol stations has reportedly been caused by issues with transporting fuel from distribution terminals to forecourts.

Unfortunately, due to the uncertainty around the situation today, panic buying has led to long queues at some petrol stations today.

Kirstie has slammed those who are panic buying fuel, telling them to “get a grip”.

She tweeted this afternoon: “I’m not planning to drive my car until Sunday night. 

“I don’t know how much petrol it has in the tank and I don’t intend to check.”

The Channel 4 star then added the hashtags: “#notalemming #getagrip.”


Some fans were less than impressed by Kirstie’s response.

Jimeekay hit back: “Some people have important commitments this weekend Kirstie.”

“I’m sure they do, but that doesn’t mean they should dash to the petrol station if they don’t have an empty tank,” Kirstie responded.

RachaelLBC wrote: “Don’t you live in London? We have public transport. Rural areas often don’t and they have to drive longer distances.”

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GaryTuner10 penned: “Good luck. How funny if it’s not enough……”

Alicelees added: “You are lucky that you live in a city with excellent public transport and not in the countryside where transport options are limited. #getagripkirstie.”

christiancourt fumed: “Coz you can afford just about every other form of transport. Don’t mock those less privileged than you by calling them lemmings.”

Others agreed with Kirstie’s tweet, with Nickjames40Nick writing: “Judging by the queues today, the population of West Oxfordshire are about to embark on communal world road trip.”

LmdeeleyLorna added: “Same here Kirstie.  I haven’t filled up since I visited Yorkshire last weekend and don’t  intend to until next week.”

pamblo said: “It’s the toilet roll saga all over again. Fri/Sat is usual refuel day &  I did need fuel, got to the petrol station to find approx 40 cars on the forecourt. Very evident those just in for a wee panic top up as they moved thru the self service pumps very quickly. Complete madness!”

Kirstie followed up on her original tweet to question why people were panicking over the petrol situation, writing: “The average tank will take you 500 miles, is everyone suddenly planning to drive from Cardiff to Dundee?”

Kjr28Reay informed Kirstie: “I had to join the panic buyers today and fill my van, as a courier I can not afford to not have fuel in my van, the car has 1/4 tank which can stay like that.”

Acknowledging the Twitter user’s dilemma, Kirstie wrote back: “You having a living to earn. This is why people like me, who don’t need it until Sunday and even then not desperately urgently, must stay away from the pumps.”

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