Kristin Cavallari involved in second love triangle this year is taking a look back at the stars who found love, suffered heartbreak or experienced some other major event in their love lives in early September 2021, starting with this unexpected love triangle… After the @cocktailsandgossip Instagram account reported over Labor Day weekend that multiple anonymous sources spied Jana Kramer and Jay Cutler — Kristin Cavallari’s ex-husband — out on a dinner date in Nashville, Us Weekly reported on Sept. 7 that, according to a source, “Jay was trying to make Kristin jealous” by taking out her rumored pal. “Kristin has told friends it isn’t going to work,” said the source. “It’s not a coincidence that Jay decided to go public with Jana right after news broke that Kristin and Chase Rice are dating. … Jana is the complete opposite of Jay’s ideal girl. She puts her kids on social media and shares a lot of her personal life with her fans — she’s just not the typical girl Jay would date.” The insider added that Kristin blocked Jana on social media when she heard about the Jay hangout: “She wouldn’t have blocked her if she wasn’t good friends with her,” the source said. A second Us Weekly source, however, insisted that the two women “have only met a few times in person at events for work” and “were never friends.” Said the second source, “They supported each other’s projects here and there. Their kids have never met.” (Back in August, however, Kristin told Us Weekly herself that she and Jana “hang out” because they’re “both in Nashville” so they “don’t have to do Zooms” — which certainly makes it sound like they’re more than acquaintances!) Meanwhile, as one People magazine source echoed that Kristin and Jana are “not friends” but rather “acquaintances” who have “only met twice,” another claimed that Jana leaned on Kristin when she divorced Mike Caussin amid a cheating scandal earlier this year. “Jay was trying to make Kristin jealous by going on this public date with Jana. He’s not happy she’s dating Chase and has been trying to get Kristin back,” said the second source. And finally, an E! News source claimed that Jay actually told his ex-wife in advance that he planned to go out with Jana. “[Kristin] does not care and is not bothered, but she has blocked Jana over it,” the E! source said. “She doesn’t have room for this in her life.” … Especially considering this isn’t Kristin’s first love triangle this year!

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In the wake of Kaley Cuoco’s recent split from Karl Cook, there have been questions about the nature of her relationship with “Meet Cute” co-star Pete Davidson, who recently parted ways with “Bridgerton” actress Phoebe Dynevor… Multiple media outlets reported on Sept. 8 that the “Big Bang Theory” alum and the “Saturday Night Live” star have grown quite close while shooting the upcoming rom-com. “[Kaley] is close friends with Pete. She thinks he is hysterical and very sweet. They’ve gotten to know each other well. She has a lot of fun with him and they enjoy hanging out,” said an E! News source. A different source told The Sun, however, that the budding connection between the pair might’ve played a role in their respective breakups: “When Pete and Phoebe split, there was talk that his close friendship with Kayley did play a part,” the alleged insider told the British tabloid. “But now Kayley has announced the breakdown of her marriage to Karl, those around them on the set of ‘Meet Cute’ are saying they saw it coming. Pete and Kayley have got on incredibly well since day one, but as the weeks have passed, it’s become clear there is some attraction there. Obviously they play a couple in the film and it’s all very romantic and sweet. But the chemistry between them is so palpable, it’s all people could talk about on set. When the cameras stopped rolling, they’d be cracking jokes and were clearly enjoying one another’s company. A friendship has definitely been formed between them and they seem very tight.” Still, other outlets reported that Pete had nothing to do with Kaley’s divorce…

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People magazine reported on Sept. 8 that, according to a source, Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook hadn’t “spent that much time together recently” before their breakup. “She has a big career and puts that first in her life. It’s basically a growing apart and each pursuing separate interests,” said the source. “Their relationship is just following different paths. A marriage doesn’t work if you rarely see the other one.” Echoed an E! News source, “She realized it wasn’t right with Karl. She wanted something different and felt like they weren’t on the same page for the future. She wanted to go in a different direction and have different types of experiences. It became clear it wasn’t going to work with him.”

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Is Britney Spears’ long-term boyfriend, Sam Asghari, gearing up to propose? On Sept. 2, Page Six published exclusive photos of the actor ring shopping at the Cartier boutique in Beverly Hills. “Britney and Sam are not engaged yet, but he has been talking about popping the question more and more lately,” a source told the New York Post’s gossip column. “Sam wants to spoil Britney with a very special, over-the-top and meaningful proposal when the time is right. He dreams of one day becoming a dad too, and Britney, of course, has always wanted to have more kids, especially now that hers are getting older. … The conservatorship has restricted their relationship in more ways than one since the very beginning. Even though they have wanted to take the next step for a while now, Britney and Sam know it would be so much easier to do if she weren’t under the restraints she’s under. But things are steadily progressing toward an engagement, that’s for sure.” (Page Six noted that it’s unclear whether or not Sam ultimately bought any bling that day.) On Sept. 5, an E! News source said that “engagement has always been in the cards for Sam and Britney, without question.” Said the source, “It’s the direction their relationship has been heading for nearly two years now. It’s always a discussion and it’s not a question of if, it’s when. … Things are evidently becoming better for Britney with her conservatorship and she’s never felt this liberated in all aspects of her life. The closer she gets to freedom, the closer she is to seeing all of her dreams become an actual reality. Marrying Sam is high on that list and loving him the way she wants, how she wants, on her own terms. Sam also understands how close they are to being out of the woods, and it’s definitely motivating him to think big.” The E! insider added that the pair are “feeling so happy and fulfilled in their work and in their relationship” and “only elevate one another as a couple and bring out the best in each other.”

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Are Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly secretly engaged? According to an Us Weekly source, the actress could be seen sporting what appeared to be an engagement ring while accompanying her beau of about a year and a half to rehearsals for the 2021 MTV VMAs in New York City on Sept. 8. (MGK is set to perform with pal and frequent collaborator Travis Barker.) The source teased that the couple could be gearing up to make a “surprise announcement” during the show on Sept. 12. The following day, however, E! News and Page Six reported that a rep for the “Transformers” alum denied that she and the rapper-actor are engaged. (Of course, it’s not the first time the pair have sparked engagement rumors.)

Meanwhile, Megan Fox’s ex-husband, Brian Austin Green, also sparked engagement rumors… On Sept. 1, his girlfriend of nearly a year, “Dancing With the Stars” pro Sharna Burgess, took to Instagram to share a photo of herself kissing the former teen heartthrob on a New York City rooftop overlooking the ocean. “End game,” she captioned the sweet shot, in which she also appeared to be holding a glass of champagne, prompting her followers to speculate that she and the actor may have been celebrating an engagement. (In early August, however, Sharna shared photos from a wedding in which she appeared to be wearing the same dress.)

On the Sept. 7 episode of “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” John Mulaney finally addressed his rumored romance with Olivia Munn, confirming that not only are they a couple but they’re also expecting their first child together. While addressing his whirlwind year — which included multiple rehabs stints and a split from his wife of six years, Anna Marie Tendler — the stand-up comedian revealed that he “met and started to date a wonderful woman named Olivia” when he “went to Los Angeles” in the spring of 2021. (He added that he “met her actually for the first time in life” when Seth and Alexi Ashe tied the knot in 2013.) “[Olivia] got to date me right out of recovery, which is what they call a reverse catch,” John joked. “But it is a very, very lucky thing to have met this woman. … I got into this relationship that’s been really beautiful with someone incredible.” He noted that the actress has supported him through the “hell” of recovery and then announced that they’re “having a baby together.” Said the funnyman, “I’m going to be a dad. We’re both really, really happy.” He concluded by saying that the “Newsroom” alum and their child have “helped save me from myself.” On Sept. 9, E! News reported that, according to a source, John and Olivia “instantly connected,” “bonded over him making her laugh” and are now “very serious.” Added the source, “Their relationship moved pretty quickly, but [they] are really happy and excited about the baby.” But not everyone is thrilled about their happy news…

On Sept. 9, Page Six reported that, according to a source, “this news about the pregnancy will be very difficult” for John Mulaney’s ex-wife, Anna Marie Tendler. “She was very heartbroken that he decided to end her marriage, she was heartbroken how it went down, it wasn’t something that she wanted, she wanted to work it out,” said the source, adding that the artist knew the comedian was “doing things with other women before he went to rehab” in late 2020 and that “it isn’t entirely clear when [his] relationship [with Olivia Munn] started.” A second Page Six source said that it appears John “is going to great lengths to dispute the idea that he cheated.” Yet another Page Six source alleged, “[John] was DM’ing women on Instagram for hookups — whether he went through with anything, we don’t know — and by December he’d fallen off the wagon again and was abusing drugs and alcohol. This all followed a pattern — he and Anna Marie would break up and get back together again, he would get wasted and then he’d beg her to take him back. Sometimes, he told friends that he was so wasted that he had no recollection of even talking to these women.”

On Sept. 7, multiple media outlets reported that Scott Disick and Amelia Gray Hamlin called it quits over Labor Day weekend following nearly a year of coupledom. In the wake of the breakup, there were conflicting reports about whether or not Scott’s DM scandal with Younes Bendjima played a role in the breakup. (Scott reached out to the male model in late August to poke fun at their mutual ex, Kourtney Kardashian, and her hot-and-heavy romance with new boyfriend Travis Barker, but rather than commiserating with the father of three, Younes shamed him by sharing the cringe-worthy messages from Scott on his Instagram Story.) TMZ’s sources were split over whether it was Scott or Amelia who ultimately pulled the plug, with insiders close to the 38-year-old reality star insisting that things between him and the 20-year-old model had been souring for a while and that he broke up with her because he realized he didn’t see a future with her. (The Scott-friendly sources claim that the Younes DM scandal had nothing to do with the breakup.) Sources close to Amelia, however, told TMZ that she’s the one who dumped Scott. “The breakup was coming, but the Younes DM was the final straw,” said one insider. An Us Weekly source, meanwhile, echoed that “Amelia was the one who ended things” but also claimed the split “wasn’t related to the messages Scott sent about Kourtney” to Younes. “This breakup was coming regardless,” said the source. A second Us Weekly source added that both Scott and Amelia are “taking [the breakup] in stride.” In the week leading up to the split, multiple media outlets reported that Amelia was bothered by Scott’s exchange with Younes but wasn’t planning to break up with him over it. On Sept. 6, for example, People magazine reported that, according to a source, “Scott and Amelia are going through a rocky patch. It’s partly because of the Kourtney drama but also just ‘Scott being Scott.’ They’re not fully over yet, but Amelia isn’t happy with him.” A second People source said that “everything seemed fine last weekend and then all of a sudden, they seem to be having issues.” And an E! News source added that Amelia was “very disappointed” in Scott and “let him know it.”

Jonah Hill debuted his new girlfriend on Instagram on Sept. 9: “Grateful for you @sarahhbrady,” he captioned a selfie with the blonde surf instructor, environmental activist and college student, adding a series of heart-centric emojis to make it clear they’re more than friends. While it’s unclear when exactly they started dating, Sarah has been posting about the Oscar-nominated actor on Instagram since at least early August.


On Sept. 9, People magazine broke the news that Brooke Burke and Scott Rigsby are engaged after two years of coupledom. It’s unclear when and where he popped the question, though People published exclusive photos of the pair celebrating their engagement on a boat as the brunette beauty showed off her massive engagement ring.


Adriana Lima and her new boyfriend, film producer Andre Lemmers, made their red carpet debut as a couple at the 78th Venice International Film Festival premiere of “Parallel Mothers” in Italy on Sept. 1. It’s unclear how long they’ve been an item.

On Sept. 5, Diddy and Joie Chavis were snapped making out on a yacht off the coast of Capri, Italy. (See photos here.) It was the first indication that the music mogul and the model-influencer — who has a daughter with Bow Wow and a son with Future — are an item.


“Last Night in Soho” co-stars Anya Taylor-Joy and Matt Smith raised eyebrows with their overly affectionate behavior toward one another during the 78th Annual Venice International Film Festival in Italy on Sept. 4. (While riding in a boat together, he wrapped an arm around her shoulders, and at one point, she appeared to caress his hair.) The following day, however, the “Queen’s Gambit” star was snapped kissing her boyfriend, Malcolm McRae, while hanging out on a balcony during a break from her press obligations at the Italian film festival. (See photos here.) Earlier this year, there were reports that Anya and Malcolm, who were first linked back in May, were practically living together and that their relationship had grown quite serious. It’s unclear how long exactly they’ve been an item.

On Sept. 7, Lily Collins and director Charlie McDowell took to Instagram to announce that they tied the knot three days earlier at the Dunton Hot Springs resort in Dunton, Colorado. “I’ve never wanted to be someone’s someone more than I do yours, and now I get to be your wife. On September 4th, 2021, we officially became each other’s forever. I love you beyond @charliemcdowell,” the “Emily in Paris” star — who’s the daughter of Phil Collins and second wife Jill Tavelman — captioned a stunning wedding photo. The groom, meanwhile, captioned a slideshow of two wedding pics, “I married the most generous, thoughtful, and beautiful person I’ve ever known. I love you @lilyjcollins.” (His parents, by the way, are actor Malcolm McDowell and Oscar-winning actress Mary Steenburgen.) The duo got engaged in September 2020.



On Sept. 2, E! News reported that, according to a source, Ed Westwick’s girlfriend of nearly two years, Tamara Francesconi, recently dumped him after she caught wind of “rumors of infidelity.”

When Mark Ronson took to Instagram on Sept. 4 to mark his 45th birthday, he also announced that he and Grace Gummer tied the knot earlier this year. “To my truest love… out of nowhere, you made 45 hands down the greatest year of my life. And I’m sure it took me 45 years to become the man worthy of your love. I hope I spend every one of these birthdays by your side till my last day. And beyond. Forever and ever yours (and yes, we got married),” he captioned a wedding photo. Early last month, Page Six reported that the Grammy-winning music producer and the “Mr. Robot” actress — who’s the third of Meryl Streep’s four children — were set to wed over the weekend of Aug. 7, though it’s unclear if that was, in fact, their wedding date. The duo were first linked in March 2021 and sparked engagement rumors just two months later.

According to Brides magazine, “Riverdale” star Jordan Connor married his love of nearly a decade, actress Jinjara Mitchell, at Long Beach Lodge Resort in Tofino, British Columbia, on Sept. 4. “BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!” the groom captioned a wedding photo on Instagram. The duo reportedly met in an acting class in 2012 and got engaged in September 2018. They originally planned to tie the knot in September 2020 but were forced to postpone their nuptials amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Jasmine Tookes and her love of five years — Snapchat exec Juan David Borrero, who’s also the son of Ecuador’s vice president — tied the knot at el San Francisco, a 16th-century Roman Catholic complex in Quito, Ecuador, on Sept. 4. “Still can’t believe I’m living in a real life fairytale with you @juandavidborrero 9.4.21. I’m officially Mrs. Borrero,” the model captioned a slideshow of wedding photos. Fellow models Shanina Shaik, Sara Sampaio, Josephine Skriver, Lais Ribeiro, Kelsey Merritt and Jocelyn Chew served as bridesmaids.


On Sept. 7, “The Carrie Diaries” alum AnnaSophia Robb took to Instagram to announce that she’s engaged to her boyfriend of at least two years, Trevor Paul. “I want to be with you everywhere! And now I get to. We got engaged!!! YAHHHHOOOOOOO! He’s my best friend, the greatest man I know, and a real bad b****. I feel pure joy beginning the rest of our lives together!” she captioned a slideshow of photos including this selfie showing off her new engagement bling.


According to People magazine, which published exclusive wedding photos, “Teen Beach Movie” star Garrett Clayton and his love of more than a decade, screenwriter Blake Knight, tied the knot on Sept. 4. The duo, who got engaged in Iceland in January 2018, exchanged vows in an outdoor ceremony officiated by Alicia Silverstone at a private residence in Los Angeles that’s part of the Disney estate. “Marrying you was everything I hoped it would be. I love you @hrhblakeknight. Thank you to everyone who helped us make our wedding day a dream,” Garrett wrote on Instagram following their nuptials, which they were forced to postpone multiple times amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder! Just ask Aaron Rodgers. During an interview with Haute Living magazine that debuted online on Sept. 2, the NFL quarterback said it’s “a good thing” that he and his fiancée, Shailene Woodley, are gearing up to spend some time apart as he focuses on football season while she handles her own work commitments in Los Angeles. “It’s a busy work time for her, so [my decision to continue playing for the Green Bay Packers] probably came at a good time for both of us to be able to focus on our work,” he said. “Her work was shut down for an entire year [amid the coronavirus pandemic], and she’s booked a number of projects. She enjoys working and her own routine, which I obviously enjoy too.”

Lewis Hamilton is again sparking romance rumors with Tyler Cameron’s ex-girlfriend, model Camila Kendra… Us Weekly reported on Sept. 9 that the pair recently spent time together in Monaco, however, according to a source, “she did not stay at his house.” Insisted the source, “[They are] good friends at this point and nothing more. … As two highly successful and driven people, Camila and Lewis definitely relate to each other’s professional demands. They enjoy hanging out as friends when time allows. … [Her career] doesn’t lend time right now for anything more than being friends with [him] or anyone else for that matter. … Being in a relationship … is on the back burner.” 

On Sept. 2, Vincent Fratantoni told Us Weekly that he and Bachelor Nation’s Corinne Olympios — who competed for Nick Viall’s heart on season 21 of “The Bachelor” in 2017 — “broke up about two months ago.” Said the real estate entrepreneur, who was first linked to the former “The Bachelor” villain in late 2019, “I wish her nothing but the best. I don’t wish anything bad about her and [I] don’t have anything bad to say about her. … We are both moving in different directions. I do hope she finds someone who works for her — it’s just not me.” Said an Us Weekly source of the former couple, who moved in together after just two months of dating, “They weren’t meant to be. He’s a more private person. She’s more out there and is best fitted for reality TV. She was tame when she was with him and he got to see this other side of her.” The insider added that Corinne and Victor have had “minimal communication since the breakup.” Following the split, she moved “out of his house in Arizona” and back to Miami, where “she’s in the process of acquiring new property.” The following day, Vincent told “Entertainment Tonight” that “the relationship wasn’t working” and he “didn’t want to waste any more time.” He added that he hopes Corinne “finds happiness with whoever she meets in the near future.” An “ET” source said the former couple split “within the last few weeks” because “they both wanted different things.”

“90 Day Fiancé” star Ed Brown and off-and-on love Liz Woods are engaged! TMZ reported on Sept. 8 that earlier in the month, Big Ed was overheard introducing Liz as his “beautiful fiancée” during a night out in Santa Barbara, California. The webloid also published a new photo of the couple in which Liz can be seen sporting what appears to be an engagement ring. The engagement news is the first indication that the pair have officially reconciled following their breakup on the finale of “90 Day: The Single Life,” which aired in May, though they noted at the time that they hoped to work on their relationship.


Former Bling Ring member Alexis Neiers — who starred on the short-lived E! reality show “Pretty Wild” back in 2010 — revealed on her Instagram Story on Sept. 7 that she and her husband of nearly a decade, Evan Haines, are in an open marriage and that she’s in a relationship with a woman named Kris who previously dated “The Real Housewives of Orange County” alum Braunwyn Windham-Burke in late 2020 and early 2021. “We’ve been talking since May, but it didn’t work out in May. It didn’t work out in June. Didn’t work out in July. Started working out in September. But, yeah, I like her a lot. She’s awesome. Obviously, I’m quite infatuated with her right now,” said the mother of two, adding that Kris is “wanting to stay open” to continue “seeing other people” but that they “have an emotional connection that is strong” so she’s “not worried about [Kris’s] other relationships.” As for her hubby, Alexis said that she and Evan are still “emotionally and physically intimate” even though she “identifies as gay” and is “not sexually attracted to men” aside from him. “Evan has no desire to be in an intimate relationship with another woman like I am with women but he goes on dates and stuff,” said the former reality star, who has no plans to divorce her husband or get married to another person, though she admitted she does “crave a second life partner.” She also called Evan her “main priority,” her “soulmate” and her “person.” Alexis later told OK! magazine that she’s “not dating anyone outside of [Kris] at the moment” because she wants “to explore where this might lead.” 

“The Other Two” and “Masters of Sex” star Heléne Yorke took to Instagram on Sept. 4 to reveal that she recently married Bary Dunn at the Green Building in New York City. “Bliss,” she captioned a slideshow of wedding photos. The actress announced on Valentine’s Day that they’d gotten engaged.


According to Brides magazine, which published exlcusive wedding photos, “Are You the One?” couple Uche Nwosu and Clinton Moxam — who met on the sixth season of the MTV reality show in 2017 — tied the knot at the Palmer House in Chicago on Sept. 4. Several of their co-stars were on hand for the nuptials. The duo announced their engagement in June 2020.


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