‘Let it go!’ Piers Morgan hits out as ‘cringe’ Hilary Clinton breaks down over Trump loss

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Piers Morgan, 56, has told Hilary Clinton, 74, to “let it go” as she cried reading what would have been her 2016 victory speech. Hilary went up for the 2016 Presidency election and was blindsided with Donald Trump taking the victory.

This is so cringe-making.

Piers Morgan

In view of his 7.9 million followers, Piers posted a retweet of an article about Hilary recently crying when she read what would have been her 2016 victory speech.

This was the first time Hilary had unveiled the speech she would have given had she won in 2016 to NBC’s new Masterclass streaming platform.

In response to the article, Piers penned: “This is so cringe-making. Let it go, Hilary.”

Many took to the comments to express their view on the Hilary situation and Piers’ harsh comment.

Iminginisbottle said: “Let it go? Like your obsession with Meghan? How about letting that go?”

_Dark_Matter_ added: “To be fair, this is nowhere near as cringe as Trump and especially his worshippers not letting go after his defeat.”

RagingTiger89 commented: “She thought she had it made with all those celebrities endorsing her.

“She was wrong.”

As well as appearing on NBC’s newest streaming platform, Hilary also did an interview for NBC Sunday with Willie Geist.

In the speech, Hilary said: “My fellow Americans, today you sent a message to the whole world.

“Our values endure. Our democracy stands strong. And our motto remains: e pluribus unum. Out of many, one.”

As the speech continued Hilary began to tear up whilst reading it, thinking about what she could have done for America if times were different.

On November 13, 2016, Clinton’s public concession occurred more than nine hours after the results of the election were known.

Her staff at the time never replied to queries about why she didn’t come out Tuesday night, when supporters were already gathered for an election watch party.

Clinton, a former secretary of state, senator and first lady talked in her would-be victory speech about what it would have meant to be the first woman president.

“I’ve met women who were born before women had the right to vote. They’ve been waiting a hundred years for tonight,” she said.

When Donald first got his presidency in 2016, Piers gloated on Good Morning Britain about his amazing old friend and what a good president he would make.

He later on however, took this back on January 11 this year after the riots in the White House.

Piers said to Susanna: “There’s no doubt I never ever imagined the person I’ve known for 15 years would be capable of inciting a mob to attack the Capitol in America and attack democracy itself. He didn’t just cross a line, he trampled all over that line and he’s now a threat to American democracy.

“And to those who warned this was what was going to happen with Trump, you’ve been proven right.”

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