Lindsay Lohan Speaks Out About The Video Where She Was Punched In The Face

The ‘Mean Girls’ star shares her side of the controversial story.

Lindsay Lohan is finally opening up about that wild Instagram incident, and she’s here to put some rumors to rest. After months of wild speculation, intense rumors, and concern about the wellbeing of the Mean Girls star, Lindsay Lohan has decided to explain what really went down.

In case you missed out on the drama the first time, back in October Lohan was doing a Livestream on Instagram from Moscow. As the live feed ran, viewers saw Lohan following a homeless family and claiming they were Syrian refugees. At some points during the filming, Lohan speaks with a thick accent.

Although things start out friendly the situation quickly deteriorated when it appeared that Lohan was attempting to take the children from their parents, accusing them of human trafficking. The mother of the two summarily punched Lohan in the face, and the family took off.

According to The Cut, Lohan has finally explained her side of things to Paper magazine. Originally, the actress was reluctant to address the bizarre scandal. When pressed about the incident over the phone, Lohan refused to tackle the topic head on, insisting that it would be better to explain in person.

Once the Freaky Friday star arrived for the in-person portion of the interview, however, Lohan repeated her earlier act of refusing to address that topic, insisting she was ‘too tired to speak.’ She did, however, send an official statement through her representative concerning the strange video.

“I’ve read the situation wrong. I’ve learned from it. And that’s all I have to say.”

But the actress quickly contradicted herself, choosing to finally bring up the subject when asked about the power and dangers of using social media.

“I recently made the mistake of having my phone recording live video, and that I learned from,” she said.” But I think it’s also important because if you’re doing something and you want to give direct access to your fans, you can contact them and see their thoughts and get an opinion.”

Lohan is currently on a promotional tour for her new MTV reality show, Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club. The show follows the actress-turned-entrepreneur as she sets out to become a club mogul from her opulent headquarters in Mykonos, Greece.

Lohan claims the idea was inspired by the constant criticism she received as a young woman for going to clubs and partying, and is her way of reclaiming the narrative. The show is scheduled to air on MTV on January 8.

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