Love Island’s Kaz Crossley builds house, gym and school for children in Thailand

Love Island star Kaz Crossley has opened a school, house and training gym for children in Thailand.

The reality star, 27, has detailed on Instagram her journey to building a community for a group of children in Isaan, Thailand, after she discovered a local Muay Thai boxing club called Wor Watthana.

The community had bought a plot of land, but had yet to build on it and, with the influencer’s help, managed to raise over £85,000 to help finance the development of the site.

Showing her followers the finished buildings in a video, Kaz explained: “If you’ve been following me, you’ll remember I came to this Thai village in April last year and I stood on this field, which was completely empty, and said I wanted to build a house for these kids because they are amazing and they deserve it so much."

"Nine months later… we have a house! We also have a school and, of course, we have the Muay Thai gym.”

She then turned round the camera to reveal the house, school and training gym which were built thanks to a fundraising campaign by the star.

Kaz added: “Standing here, I can’t even explain to you how powerful it is and how grateful I am and how grateful the kids are that we managed to do this, so thank you so much.

“These kids really do deserve it, they didn’t choose to be born into poverty. They didn’t choose to live in an area with no opportunity and hardly any education."

Kaz said the next step is to continue the development and build volunteer housing, so people can come and visit the school and develop a sustainable income for the community.

She continued: "The journey here is not finished. We made it permanent, and now I want to make it sustainable.

"I want to build volunteer housing for them, that's going to allow visitors to come, give them an income, I'll talk more about it with you guys in a bit, but right now I just want to say thank you."

Kaz shot to fame in the 2018 series of Love Island during which she coupled up with Josh Denzel.

She later had a relationship with another Love Island star Theo Campbell, who appeared in the 2017 series, however the pair broke up in 2020.

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