Malignant<\/em> Star George Young Showed Off His Ripped Abs in a Cut Shirtless Scene

Malignant, which was just released in theaters and on HBO Max, is without question the most out there and off-the-wall horror movie of 2021. There’s, well, a lot going on, and there are perhaps even more twists when the movie gets into its third act stretch run. So, naturally, not everything that director James Wan filmed made it into the movie’s final cut. Actor George Young—who played the curious detective Kekoa Shaw in the film—shared to his Instagram one particular scene that didn’t make it into Wan’s wild movie, and, much to his chagrin, it was the one where he got to show off his ripped abs and the work he put in a the gym.

MALIGNANT STORYTIME: swipe for a sneak peak at a gratuitous shirtless scene that may or may not have made it to the final cut,” he wrote in his caption. “#RELEASETHESHIRTLESSCUT ! Is what I scream every night and wake the kids up.”

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It’s hard to imagine when in the movie this shirtless scene (well, not entirely shirtless; his chest and abs are revealed through an unbuttoned button-down shirt) would have taken place. As you swipe through his slideshow, you see that the scene is shared with his co-investigator in the movie, Regina Moss, as played by Michole Briana White. Maybe a classic ‘cop struggling and thinking about the case in the middle of the night’ scene, where she comes to visit him?

Either way, the scene didn’t make it into the movie. Luckily Young got his photos though (or, at least, photos of an on-set monitor), and was able to share it with Instagram’s faithful. Maybe someday we’ll see #TheShirtlessCut of Malignant—Warner Bros. and HBO Max have been pretty good with that kind of thing in 2021.

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