Mama June's Daughter Pumpkin Was SHOCKED To Hear How Much She Spent On Drugs: 'You Couldn't Help Me?'

We were all stunned to learn earlier this month that Mama June Shannon and her boyfriend Geno Doak had spent almost a million dollars buying drugs in the last year before getting sober. Not only did it prove just how problematic her addiction struggles had become, but the announcement also left daughter Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon heartbroken.

In a new interview with TooFab ahead of Friday’s episode of Mama June: Road to Redemption, the 21-year-old opened up about what life raising her now 15-year-old sister Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson has been like following an estrangement with their mother.

The TV personality reacted to the $1M news, saying:

“When I hear that price and I hear it from the media outlets where she tells her story … it is very hard to hear that because I didn’t know how bad things had really gotten.”

Pumpkin temporarily cut ties with Mama June while she completed rehab last year. Struggling with the “whole uproar” their mom caused as Pumpkin was trying “take care of Alana” and deal with hers and hubby Joshua Efird‘s “marriage problems,” the young adult was left with little sympathy. Especially when money was hard to come by:

“After I moved Alana out, I really tried to work on ourselves as a family, really tried to help mama and then we kind of stepped back for a little while, so I didn’t see her, I didn’t put the kids around her. When we meet this time on the show, it had be a year since we had physically seen her. So that’s hard to hear. I mean it really is, knowing that — not trying to sound mean and not trying to sound money hungry — but to know that me and Josh were struggling trying to do everything we could to keep a roof over Alana’s and Ella’s head. It’s just like, but you were out here blowing a million dollars and you couldn’t help me?”

Heart-wrenching… We can’t really blame Pumpkin for feeling torn. Addiction is so tricky, y’all, especially when you’re left to pick up the pieces around your loved one. On that, the momma of 2-year-old Ella added:

“I don’t think that she still fully understands the problems she left behind for me, because having to take care of Alana, I feel like she’s appreciative of it, but I feel like the way that she says she’s appreciative of it … I want it to be a little more sincere than that. It’s very tough because somebody who was supposed to be there and supposed to be supportive, it just doesn’t seem that way. I’ve done all these things and I’ve matured as a woman and now I gotta take the consequences and I wasn’t even the addict.”

As for a happy reunion in the future, the matriarch’s kiddo insists “she’s gotta prove a lot of things.”

“She has to prove to me that she is truly sober. She has to prove to me that she’s not the person that even she was before the addiction, the one who lied about the little things. For me too, she’s gonna have to let it take time.”

We cannot imagine how difficult this whole situation must be, but it’s so good to hear Pumpkin declare any reconciliation or regaining of trust has to happen “at my own pace.” Taking ownership of what she feels is best for her and her family is so healthy in a time like this! Though, it’s clear she’s not closed off to a future where her mother holds a more steady place in her or Alana’s life.

Despite the many complications that run deep in this family, the star hasn’t giving up hope yet. She’s even open to “some talking” with Honey Boo Boo in case the teen wanted to move back home (something she doesn’t anticipate happening anytime soon). Pumpkin elaborated:

“We do need our space. We do need our time because her addiction didn’t happen overnight. Her falling into the drug habit didn’t happen overnight or her ruining the family, it didn’t happen overnight.”

Such a good point! These things take time! Watch the full interview (below) to hear more about how Honey Boo Boo has handled the difficult “Mama situation,” as well as Pumpkin’s latest thoughts on June’s beau!

Reactions, Perezcious readers? This whole family dynamic is so sad. We’re just glad to see Alana’s got a big sis looking out for her and hope this family can find some peace in the future! Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments (below)!

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