Matt James’ Quotes About Race During His ‘Bachelor’ Premiere Are So Moving

Matt James’ season of The Bachelor just started, but it’s already a historic one. Back in June 2020, ABC announced he would be the 25th Bachelor, making him the first Black lead of Bachelor Nation’s main series since it began in 2002. The 29-year-old got real about the significance of him stepping into the franchise spotlight right off the bat in Episode 1, and Matt James’ quotes about race during his Bachelor premiere are seriously moving.

Before the limo entrances began, Matt had a heart-to-heart conversation with series host Chris Harrison about navigating the Bachelor universe for the first time. As he expressed his fears and concerns about stepping into the main role, Matt specifically mentioned "the pressure I have put on myself being the first Black Bachelor."

"People want you to end up with a certain type of person, and I get that," he added.

When Chris pressed him to elaborate, Matt explained, "My mom is white and my dad’s Black. I experienced what it was like to be the product of an interracial marriage, and it’s tough, because you’ve got people who have certain views — old school views — on what a relationship and what love looks like."

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