Mayim Bialik claims United Airlines ‘shut the door’ in her face

“The Big Bang Theory” star Mayim Bialik is insisting she’s not a “prima donna” after she had a meltdown when a United Airlines allegedly “shut the gate in my face,” causing her to miss her connecting flight and take a later one.

Bialik groused about the airline on Sunday on Twitter — as well as to her 3.1 million followers on Instagram.

“To the @UnitedAirlines flight attendant who shut the boarding gate in my face. I made my connecting flight in Houston,” she tweeted after the incident at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston. “it was a tight squeeze but You said there were plenty of open seats. when you saw my carry on suitcase you said there was no room and shut the door in my face.”

On Instagram, Bialik explained that she “aggressively” ran through the airport and just barely made it to the gate for her connecting flight — before she was turned away.

When the agent told her her carry-on wouldn’t fit on board, the actress tried to explain that she had a first-class ticket and that her bag could be stashed there.

“Random people think I’m a prima donna because as she shut the door I said ‘I have a first class seat!’ I didn’t mean I deserve it more, I meant can my suitcase sit in my first class seat and I’ll sit anywhere else?” Bialik wrote.

In a follow-up tweet, the 43-year-old mom of two, who rose to fame as the star of ‘90s TV series “Blossom,” wondered why United couldn’t accommodate her “little suitcase” in first class even after saying there were plenty of open seats on the flight.

“And there were five other people from my flight standing there with me who she let on the plane,” Bialik continued. “Maybe she just doesn’t like The Big Bang Theory. They all had carry-on luggage too.”

She tagged United in another post, saying “this is about humanity.”

“She didn’t even say she was sorry. I’m sorry I flew your airline,” Bialik wrote. “Thanks for booking me on a later flight. But right now she needs to remember we are all human.”

That prompted United to respond to Bialik, telling her to direct message them.

“We were able to get Ms. Bialik on the next flight to Los Angeles and we are reviewing what happened with our team in Houston,” said United spokesman Jonathan Guerin.

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