Michelle Heaton says Katie Price ‘saved my life’ by paying for rehab in Priory

Michelle Heaton has revealed her celebrity pal Katie Price helped pay for her stint in rehab last April.

The Liberty X singer told the One For The Road podcast how Katie was key in her recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

The 42 year old told motivational speaker David Wilson on his show: "I should have been on my death bed."

When responding to a question about when the star was "done" with alcohol, the singer explained: "I remember being absolutely done for maybe a couple of months, but the absolute 'done, done' was probably a week into the Priory."

Michelle explained how her close showbiz pal intervened with her addiction problems on her journey to receiving professional help.

The pop star continued: "The moment I recognised that I wanted what somebody else had was when I was with my friend Katie Price and I had a massive night out with my other friends.

"It ended in a really bad argument, and my other friends had blamed themselves for me going in the Priory. We know as addicts, that's nothing to do with it.

"I was really hungover and I remember just needing more. My husband was done, I think he was close to walking out. He was done."

Michelle touched on the positive changes she noticed in Katie's behaviour following her own stint in rehab.

"I came home at 6am – I couldn't find my key – I went to my friend's house and Kate came to see me, and she was like a different Katie", Michelle explained.

At the time, Katie, 43, asked the singer if "she wanted what I have got", referring to the glamour model's improved health.

The singer continued: "I said yes [to Katie] and kind of hoped it was going to happen but thought it wasn't going to happen. I thought I was going to die. " Michelle added: "I didn't know there was a solution."

In the podcast episode, the star added: "But Kate, Hugh – my manager – and a couple of friends made it happen. They got the funds together and they got me the consultation."

Her interview comes after she previously told The Sun about the gravity of Katie's actions.

The star told the publication: “I texted Katie while I was in The Priory, ‘You saved my life’. Because The Priory did save my life."

Michelle also added she is celebrating being nine months sober from alcohol and drugs.

The Geordie star has frequently documented her recovery and recently posted amazing photos of the transformation in her body, from her first day in the Priory to her new healthy look.

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