Michelle Obama’s 2021 Inauguration Outfit Is Her 2016 Look, But Stronger

Joe Biden was finally sworn in as the 46th president of the United States, and all anyone (read: me) can talk about is Michelle Obama — the way God intended. More specifically, one of the hottest talking points of the day is Michelle Obama’s 2021 Inauguration outfit, which appears ever-so-similar to her outfit at the 2016 event, when you look at the images side-by-side. Granted, the two looks are far from the same. Think of the 2021 outfit as 2016, but much, much stronger, as if it got a badass glow-up fit for a deity.

On Wednesday, Jan. 20, the former first lady walked down the Capitol steps wearing a burgundy power outfit in every sense of the word. From the turtleneck to the well-tailored, high-waisted trousers to the monochrome color scheme (save for a shining gold belt buckle), the look from Black designer Sergio Hudson complemented Obama’s mix of refined elegance and bold dressing. Please don’t even get me started on her voluminous, bouncing curls, because I’m not sure my heart can handle much more.

While this look certainly stands alone, one Twitter user juxtaposed it with Obama’s 2016 Inauguration look — another monochromatic burgundy look in the form of a matching dress and long coat — and you can’t help but notice the similarities… and chuckle at the differences. For one, the similarity in color scheme is interesting but understandable. A shade of purple, burgundy plays on the idea of political unity, the mixing of the red and blue sides of the aisle. At the 2021 Inauguration, Obama joined the likes of Vice President Kamala Harris and Hillary Clinton in wearing shades of purple, a color used in the flag for the National Woman’s Party and a subtle nod to the women’s suffrage movement.

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