Mike Tyson Chomps Roy Jones Jr's Ear for Thanksgiving In Hilarious Video!!

Mike Tyson is gearing up for his big Thanksgiving weekend fight — BY EATING ROY JONES JR‘S HEAD!!!

Sure, it’s a cake “head” — but Mike went straight for his favorite part, THE EAR … and the video is hilarious!!!

The 54-year-old fighter got his own adorable kids to take part in some Turkey Day trash talk directed at Roy — warning the fighter to watch his lobes, or he’ll get the Evander Holyfield treatment when they clash on Saturday night!

In the clip, Mike starts off by acknowledging he has a lot to be thankful for this year — like the reported $10 mil he’s scheduled to make from the Roy Jones Jr. fight — before taking some shots at his opponent.

“It’s a turkey,” Mike says while revealing the cake of Roy’s head.

Once he slices off Roy’s ear, Mike jokes, “Tastes so much better than Evander’s!”

Mike and Roy have said it’s all fun and games until the bell rings on Saturday night — with both guys telling TMZ Sports they’ll both be trying to KNOCK EACH OTHER OUT.

The fight is technically an exhibition match, but Roy and Mike — who’s planning to walk to the ring with the song he created with EDM group Tiki Lau — have each said they’re approaching the event like a pro … and want to put on a violent show for everyone spending money to watch. (It’s available on PPV via cable and satellite, and PPV streaming at Triller).

Mike has said the fight is the first of a long list of events he plans to run through his Legends Only League — founded with John Ryan Jr., Kiki Tyson, Sophie Watts and Azim Spicer — which will feature former star athletes competing again in various sports.

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