Miley Cyrus Confesses that She Used to Bully Hailey Bieber as a Kid … But Thinks It Might Have Been Good For Her

During her guest appearance in the just released Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner episode of Carpool Karaoke: The Series, Miley Cyrus joins Hailey and Kendall in an enthusiastic rendition of “Party in the USA.” But Miley also opened up about her bullying Hailey as a child when the two attended the same school.

After Hailey mentioned that she has known Miley personally since she was 11 years old, Miley admitted that she was initially not very nice to Hailey. Miley was good friends with Hailey’s older sister Alaia, and the two took out their aggressions on the younger Baldwin.

“I would be evil to her,” Miley says from the back seat of the car in the episode. Hailey “would try to play with us, like me and Alaia,” continues Miley “and then we would lock her out of the room and be evil.”

Hailey then agrees and says to Kendall, “My older sister and her used to gang up on me.”

Then Miley breaks in again, seeming to laugh the treatment off. “I had to,” she told Hailey. “It made you who you are, you know? It made you stronger. Now you can always take like the trolls and s**t. Cause I was such a troll.”

It is hard to tell for sure, but Hailey does not seem too upset when Miley tries to put a positive spin on her being “a troll.” In fact, she seems to agree, joking, “Miley was the biggest troll to me. She prepared me for this industry.”

You can check out the clip showing Miley’s admission below.

(Image source: TeamOfHailey Instagram account)


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