Miranda Lambert Once Bought Carrie Underwood a Wild Thank-You Gift Just for Recording a Song

Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood have been close friends since they stepped onto the music scene around the same time in 2005. The two country stars have been rooting for one another all along. Despite having such different personalities, they’ve grown to be lifelong friends.

Lambert even once showed her support for Underwood by giving her a wild — and expensive — thank-you gift just for recording a song. 

Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert have had similar country music journeys

Though Underwood and Lambert didn’t rise to fame in the same way, they both stepped into the country music spotlight back in 2005. And each has grown tremendously ever since. Underwood was crowned the season 4 winner of American Idol back in 2005. The show led her to a record deal that ultimately pushed her to fame. Her song “Before He Cheats” cemented her as a country artist.

Lambert joined the country music world right around the same time. Though she’d been in the industry for a few years, her second album “Kerosene,” which was released in 2005, is what finally made her a household name. Having both had hits the same year, Underwood and Lambert naturally gravitated toward one another. The two ladies have developed a close friendship. Underwood’s music is more classic country while Lambert’s is a bit edgier, but the women did once get together to record a hit song.

Miranda Lambert once gifted Carrie Underwood a motorcycle for recording ‘Something Bad’

Back in 2014, Lambert and Underwood, who had been friends for nearly a decade by then, decided to record a song together. Lambert’s “Something Bad” needed a little something more; she asked Underwood to sing it alongside her. The women performed the duet at the Billboard Music Awards that same year. Shortly after, Lambert gave Underwood a serious thank-you gift.

Underwood posted a photo of a brand new, pricey motorcycle to social media and thanked Lambert for the generous gift.

When asked why she gifted Underwood the new ride, Lambert had a simple answer. “She was wanting a motorcycle and I wanted to get her something for all the work she’s put in, singing on the record, doing the performances,” Lambert revealed on Good Morning America. Underwood was thankful for the gift and vowed to take motorcycle lessons.

Carrie Underwood had to put the brakes on motorcycle lessons after becoming pregnant

At first, Underwood kept her word and was taking lessons to learn how to ride the bike. She later said that her husband, Mike Fisher, stepped in to help her, too. “Mike bought me a little dirt bike to learn how to ride on first because the bike (Lambert bought) is a really big bike,” Underwood told CMT.

However, Underwood became pregnant with her first child shortly after receiving the bike. For that reason, she had to put the brakes on learning while pregnant. “The whole pregnancy thing has kind of thrown a monkey wrench into my progress,” Underwood said. It’s unclear if she ever made it onto the bike. Regardless, we’re certain she will at least retain it as a thoughtful keepsake. 

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