Miranda Lambert Shares Acoustic Version Of ‘Settling Down’

Miranda Lambert released an acoustic version of “Settling Down,” the latest single from her Grammy-winning 2019 album, Wildcard, on Friday (April 2).

Lambert, playing a guitar as she sings along, makes a nice attempt to reconcile the “wild child” in her personality and the “homing pigeon” who cherishes a quite, nevertheless satisfying life at home.

“I’m one heart goin’ both directions / One love and a couple of questions,” Lambert sings in the chorus, asking herself, “Am I settling up or settling down?”

“My mom always called me a wild child and a homing pigeon. I always have an itch to find a new adventure, but I’m also always ready to walk through my front door,” Lambert said. “I feel like a lot of people feel that way, and ‘Settling Down’ tells the story of being caught between those two feelings.”

Lambert co-wrote “Settling Down” alongside Luke Dick and Natalie Hemby.

“I’d say life inspired me to write this song, I got married, but I also still love the road, I have a gypsy soul, and I wanted to write a song that kind of spoke to the sentiment of ‘can you have both?’ and is that okay,” Lambert previously shared of the inspiration behind “Settling Down.”

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