Moments In Soul That Only Adults Seem To Catch

Pixar’s Soul was released on Disney+ Christmas Day, and by now, many people have watched the animated film with their families. Though, despite being a PG movie, some people think Soul and its existential themes are a bit high concept for younger viewers. If you tend to think Pixar movies are just for kids, according to CNN, this latest venture is worth the watch, especially for any adults “who might not be otherwise inclined.”

Soul follows musician Joe Gardner (Jamie Foxx) who falls into a coma after finally getting his big break. As a soul, he must go on an adventure with 22 (Tina Fey) to try and get back in time for the show. The Ringer interviewed a few parents to see how their kids reacted to the film. When asked how well their kids were following along, one parent said, “On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d say like a 2.” So, it really seems like this movie was made for adults. 

'Soul' has some high concept humor

Don’t get me wrong, Soul was made for the whole family to enjoy. However, adults will be able to catch more of the themes and jokes. One of the jokes that most parents found amusing took a stab at a certain basketball team. When Joe and 22 find themselves in the Zone — the place where living humans go when they’re in the flow — they see a player about to dunk a basketball. That’s when 22 throws something at them, causing them to fall, and the announcer exclaims, “And the Knicks lose another one” (via Twitter). Screenwriter Kemp Powers is a longtime Knicks fan, and felt he earned the right to make the joke since the team has not won a championship since 1973 (via Sporting News). 

Another moment you might enjoy is the introduction to all of 22’s previous mentors, historical figures like Abraham Lincoln and Mother Teresa. According to ET, the filmmakers almost included Rasputin, but it was “a joke that a lot of people didn’t get.” One joke that’s not hard to get is when 22 and Joe are in The Great Before, and a building falls on a bunch of unaffected souls. That’s when 22 says, “Can’t crush a soul here. That’s what life on Earth is for” (via Screen Rant). That kind of dark humor is what you can expect in a movie that’s all about finding one’s purpose and discovering the meaning of life.

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