Myka Stauffer Pleads with Critics: I Never Wanted to Abandon My Boy!

Myka Stauffer built part of her vlogging brand on her adoption of a child from China … a child whom she has now handed off to another family.

This outrageous move has the internet in an uproar.

The well deserved backlash has elicited a statement from Myka and her husband’s attorney to People.

“In coming to know our clients we know they are a loving family and are very caring parents that would do anything for their children,” it begins.

The statement continues: “Since his adoption, they consulted with multiple professionals in the healthcare and educational arenas.”

It goes on to claim that they did so “in order to provide Huxley with the best possible treatment and care.”

“Over time,” the attorney statement says, “the team of medical professionals advised our clients it might be best for Huxley to be placed with another family.”

They acknowledge that the Stauffers were “forced to make a difficult decision.”

“But it is in fact, the right and loving thing to do for this child,” the statement claims.

They deny that Huxley was placed in the foster system, adding that the Stauffers were able to “hand-select a family who is equipped to handle Huxley’s needs.”

Myka Stauffer "rehomed" son

Many people are relieved that Huxley, a child with multiple special needs that were known three years ago at his adoption, is with a new home.

Myka courted controversy when discussing his grueling ABA therapy — a controversial therapy opposed by many autistic activists.

The Stauffers taped his thumbs when he was a toddler to rob him of the ability to suck his thumb as a coping mechanism.

Critics observed that their seven-year-old biological child appeared sucking her thumb on camera without such treatment.

Then there was the general tone of how and why they adopted Huxley.

Though Myka acknowledged in 2017 at the time of the adoption that he was “non-returnable” (her words), there were clear benefits.

Huxley saw a rise in the family’s popularity, which meant more lucrative sponsorships for their YouTube channel.

The Stauffers would record Huxley during his worst meltdowns and then turn around and monetize it for their brand.

All of this was not without its benefits for the Stauffers.

With their money, they purchased a luxury home.

According to those who have followed them for years, months ago, they went on vacation to Bali without Huxley.

When fans asked about him, they scrubbed those questions and comments from their pages, as if they had erased him from existence.

That was not all.

Just a year after adopting Huxley, Myka appeared in various social media groups, asking questions about adopting older kids with special needs.

By that point, the Stauffers were already benefitting from Huxley’s adoption.

Specifically, screenshots show Myka asking which special needs were easiest to handle but were things that most people would think were hard.

So, to recap, Myka adopted a Chinese child with special needs, growing her brand and enriching herself in the process.

Three years later, she set him aside — a move that many have compared to “rehoming” a pet.

Their family still has the money that they raked in while parading Huxley about as an accessory.

Then, they gave him to a new family, hid it from subscribers for ages, and then claimed that their nonverbal toddler had wanted this.

It may be that Huxley is now in a much better home.

That does not shake the feeling of many people — including Asian-Americans and the autistic community — that he was exploited for cash.

The Stauffers have ignited a firestorm of discussions of white saviorism, of transracial adoption, and mommy vlogging itself.

Even many of their former fans are deeply disgusted.

Obviously, it’s important to always do what is best for each and every child.

But we all know that any child could have special needs.

Some are developmental, some occur only after injuries or trauma. Becoming a parent means accepting this possibility.

All children deserve a loving home and to be free from exploitation.

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