Piers Morgan brands David Walliams the worst in blistering tweet about sly celebrities

Meghan and Harry need to ‘pipe down’ says Piers Morgan

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Piers Morgan has said he finds it “fascinating” to see the tweets that other celebrities have liked online, particularly those about him. The former Good Morning Britain host pointed out that those who like “nasty” posts probably think he will never learn of their “sly” antics.

The 56-year-old TV star agreed that his Britain’s Got Talent successor was a “prime culprit”.

“Always fascinating to see high-profile people that I know quite well ‘liking’ nasty tweets about me… presumably thinking they can do it on the sly and I won’t notice.

“I always notice, and file away for a rainy day,” he added, in view of his 7.9 million Twitter followers.

“David Walliams a prime culprit!”(sic) one follower replied.

“The absolute worst,” Piers agreed.

“Do these same people come up to you at a do, all smiles, greeting you like a long lost friend?” another user asked.

“Yes, or worse – they beg me to do their podcast (to get it traction) or something, telling me how wonderful I am…

“Then I catch them ‘liking’ nasty tweets about me, revealing their true duplicitous colours,” he explained.

Piers went on to say that he has an additional list, noting the high-profile people who like “nice” posts about him.

“Conversely, it’s also fascinating to see which high-profile people ‘like’ nice tweets about me.

“They all get noticed too, and those people go on a different list.

“If this all sounds very Sicilian, it’s meant to be,” he added.

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The father-of-four went into further details when questioned by another social media user.

“Why would ‘high-profile people’ you ‘know quite well’ agree with everything you say? Why would you need to ‘file away for a rainy day’?” they asked.

“I don’t mind them disagreeing, in fact I like that,” Piers replied.

“I do mind them endorsing nasty little tweets if they’re all over me like a cheap rash when we meet, or ask me for favours.

“Then their treachery gets filed for a rainy day when they least want me to return the ‘support’.”

Just yesterday, Piers shared a health update online, almost three weeks after contracting what he believes was the Delta variant of Covid.

He warned people not to “underestimate the effects of long-covid”.

The ITV star said he was still suffering with “shocking fatigue” and pointed out that F1 racing driver Lewis Hamilton was also living with the long-term effects of the virus.

“Lewis, one of the world’s fittest athletes, had covid 8 months ago and is still having issues he believes are linked to it,” he wrote, alongside a tweet revealing that the driver was seeing the team doctor after suffering from fatigue and mild dizziness.

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