Pregnant Lucy Mecklenburgh says she has a feeling her unborn son will make an ‘early appearance’

Lucky Mecklenburgh has said she thinks her unborn baby will come a little earlier than her due date, which is in six weeks.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, the 28 year old decided to host an early morning Q&A session with her 1.6million followers.

She first posted a snap of herself sitting in pyjamas eating a bowl of cereal at 02:37 in the morning. Proving she's suffering from severe insomnia and boredom, Lucy then asked her followers to "talk to me," prompting them to ask her questions to pass the time.

The first question she posted was one asking her how long she has left until the baby is due to arrive. They wrote: "How long do you have left of your pregnancy?" followed by a heart emoji.

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Lucy replied: "6 weeks but I have a feeling he may make an early appearance".

While she didn't elaborate on where this hunch is coming from, she later revealed that her due date is just eight days apart from her best pal Lydia Bright's, who recently gushed over Lucy's fiancé Ryan Thomas dropping Lucy off for a weekend away.

Opening up on the early stages of her pregnancy, The Only Way Is Essex star then said she found it difficult to keep food down during her first trimester, explaining: "I had to eat small portions of beige bland food constantly to stop me feeling & being sick".

Moving on to happier thoughts, Lucy then told her fans that she's almost finished decorating her unborn son's nursery as she said: "Nearly!! Waiting for his round cot and his built in wardrobes are being fitted next week!"

She later answered a question many of her loyal fans have been asking her, which was: "Have you got your hospital bag packed yet?"

The reality star, who recently shared an intimate video of her baby moving in the womb, answered by sharing a picture of all the items which will go into the bag, which includes wet wipes, shampoo and Sudocrem creme.

Over it, she wrote: "I made a start onit yesterday when it's packed I'll do an igtv as everyone is asking me this [sic]".

Lucy also opened up on her weight since getting pregnant, revealing that she's gained nearly three stone.

After someone asked her how she deals with her changing pregnancy body, she replied: "I've realised with both acceptance is so important. At first Its Hart to accept inevitable weight gain and not being able to do as much day to day! U just have to stop fighting it and roll with it.

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"It's really incredible what the female body can do & I'm loving watching my body change even tho some days you don't recognise yourself at all & have zero energy."

The soon-to-be-mum ended her lengthy session by revealing that she doesn't have a birthing plan set in place as she thinks she'd "struggle" if it didn't work out the way she wanted.

Instead she's going to "literally see what happens!"

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