President Trump Confronted by Black Voters Over Medical Care, Race at Town Hall

President Trump got grilled by voters who identify as undecided, and it was a far cry from his rallies as several of them held his feet to the fire on issues like healthcare and systemic racism … and didn’t back down.

The Prez was challenged with many tough questions at an ABC News town hall in Philadelphia Tuesday night … in particular 2 undecided voters.

Assistant Professor Ellesia Blaque told Trump how she has struggled with a preexisting medical condition all her life, adding it’s especially difficult for her as a black woman to get adequate medical care. Trump tried to interrupt her but she wasn’t having it and shut him down.

Trump predictably went after Obama and spewed a couple of lies about the Affordable Care Act … but it didn’t go unchecked by ABC’s George Stephanopoulos. Like we said — this was no Trump rally.

Then there was Pastor Carl Day, who called Trump out over his campaign slogan — “Make America Great Again.” Day asked Trump when American has ever been great for African-Americans living in the ghetto … and if he was aware how tone-deaf MAGA comes off to the Black community.

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