R. Kelly's Ex Azriel Clary Diving Into Advocacy & Music to Help Others

R. Kelly‘s ex-girlfriend, Azriel Clary, already has the wheels in motion to not only help herself heal but to do the same for others … and her plan includes multimedia and advocacy.

TMZ has learned about the next steps Azriel plans to take as she recovers from what she claims was a dysfunctional and abusive relationship with R. Kelly — and one the first things she wants to dive into includes working with non-profit organizations that help protect young people.

The org is called Team Truth, and we’re told it’s run by her dad. It aims to educate minors and their families about types of abuse and how to escape it. Our sources say Azriel finds the cause near and dear to her heart, so she wants to take it up full force.

There’s more though … we’re told Azriel also wants to focus her efforts on women of color specifically. She’s planning on starting her own foundation dedicated to helping abused women take back control of their lives … much like she’s doing right now.

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