Remember When Two Llamas Escaped and Ran Amok in Phoenix? That Was 4 Years Ago Today!

The story: Two llamas escaped and ran amok in Phoenix in 2015, but were caught after captivating the Internet. 

Lesson learned: Llamas are the new cats, if cats were capable of feeling true, burning love that results in a Romeo and Juliet-level runaway. Don’t wait for me. Run like the wind, says the white llama to the black llama. I know in my heart we will meet again soon.

The story: BuzzFeed first picked up on a Reddit post from a young woman asking if this dress was black and blue or gold and white. An Internet meltdown ensued. 

Lesson learned: There is nothing more polarizing than a bodycon dress.

The story: Video of a cat practically flying through the air to save its young owner melted hearts and shocked viewers.

Lesson learned: Cats can still teach Llamas a thing or two. Case in point: Hero Cat, who came to the rescue of her human during a vicious dog attack and subsequently deserves all the medals/cans of tuna.

The story: A cute guy working at Target went viral for being … a cute guy working at Target. However, days after he gained hundreds of thousands of Instagram and Twitter followers, a marketing company claimed they’d staged it all as a hoax. 

Lesson learned: Like the presumed relationship statuses of his young fan base, Internet stardom is complicated. (Seriously, we still aren’t sure how much of this was just a genius social media experiment or a case study on having great hair.)

The story: Fans had long wondered if Swift even had a belly button, given she never showed it.

Lesson learned: Every picture of Swift is worth a thousand words – and a lot of money. When she caught paparazzi snapping bikini photos during her Hawaiian holiday with Haim, she beat them to the punch and posted her own Insta. Haters gonna hate (hate, hate, hate, hate), but no one’s going to get big bucks for a peek at her belly button.

The story: Jimmy Kimmel was one of many who shared a video of a woman twerking so hard she caught on fire. After it went crazy viral, he surprised fans by saying the whole thing was fake.

Lesson learned: Don’t do your best impression of Miley Cyrus around open flames and/or video cameras. Also, Kimmel is an artist (both of the con and cinematic persuasions).

The story: A bride and groom shared a text message exchange in which they accidentally invited strangers to their wedding — strangers who insisted they’d still be coming, despite the couple asking them not to. You guessed it — it was all fake.

Lesson learned: You just truly can’t plan your wedding. (Here’s the amazing true story behind what became the best post-vows photo of 2014.)

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