Robert Kraft Gets Surprise Bentley from Jay-Z, Meek Mill and Michael Rubin

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft just turned 80, but now he can cruise around in a drop-top like he’s a billionaire half his age.

Meek Mill shared a video Monday of Bob’s birthday surprise, in which Sixers partner Michael Rubin walked Kraft out of his house — decked out in Pats gear — to present him with his brand new blue Bentley … something he apparently really desired.

Kraft seemed elated and mystified, asking, “How the fudge did you get it?” … to which Rubin replied, “We have resources.”

Rubin let Kraft know a handful of other rich dudes went in on his new whip — including Meek and Jay-Z — and it rode on a flatbed from Florida to arrive in pristine shape.

As you may know … Robert, Meek, Jay and Michael are tight, having founded REFORM Alliance — a criminal justice reform org — together back in early 2019 along with a handful of other activists.

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