Rochelle Humes panics after running tap causes water damage at £1.7million home

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Rochelle Humes’ £1.7million home has suffered water damage “everywhere” after her husband, Marvin, mistakenly left a bathroom tap on.

It was a wet start for the former Saturdays singer and JLS star on Tuesday 27 July on what was their ninth wedding anniversary, after 36 year old Marvin “left the bloody tap on”, causing extensive water damage to their beautiful North London home.

The stars, who took a trip down memory lane over the weekend ahead of their anniversary, had to call in the professionals after their daughter Valentina’s bedroom floor was left soaking.

Mum-of-three Rochelle, who shares children Alaia-Mai, eight, Valentina, four, and nine month old baby boy Blake with Marvin, documented the mishap – which she aptly named Carpet Gate – on her Instagram page to her 2.1million followers.

Showing her followers the wet floor, she said: “Here’s today’s glamorous problem.

“A tap got left on in there which means we have water damage everywhere.

“I’ve had to clear most of Valle’s stuff out the away. Can you see the bottom of our curtains how wet they are.”

The TV presenter panned the camera around the sodden room, stepping onto the wet carpet so her loyal army of fans could “hear” how damp the floor was.

She added: “It’s come through to downstairs.”

Viewers gripped by the story of Carpet Gate could then see the extent of the damage, after Rochelle revealed the water was dripping through to the ceiling below through a fire alarm.

The pair had placed a Pyrex measuring jug underneath the drips to stop the water from doing any more damage.

Despite using “every towel they own” to try and mop up the excess water, Rochelle told her fans it was a job for the professionals.

It was carpet, curtain and upholstery cleaning specialists, Paragon Cleaning, who saved the day by using a special carpet cleaner to suck up the water.

“This is how much damage is done and this is [bucket] number two?” Rochelle said, documenting litres and litres of water from the carpet pouring into a large bucket.

The carpet cleaning professional added: “I reckon we’ve got another two or three [buckets].”

Rochelle then lovingly joked that her husband Marvin would be sleeping in the dog house tonight, by sharing a video of Marving jokingly climbing into a dog cage.

Rochelle captioned the footage: "He started off the day SO well and then left the bloody tap on.

“Happy anniversary honey. Just getting his bed ready for the night.”

The family moved into their new family home in London in July last year.

The pair are clearly very happy with the stunning home that they have created for their family, as the duo often share photos inside it on their social media accounts.

Plus, Rochelle has set up an interior page 'Home Humes' to document her recent renovations.

It comes as no surprise that the gorgeous abode has a sophisticated, modern theme running throughout with stylish accessories, furnishings and decorations.

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