Sarah Hyland Reveals Her Favorite Drugstore Moisturizer

Sarah Hyland is opening up about her glow!

The 30-year-old Modern Family actress opened up about her skincare musts in an interview with Allure.

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During the conversation, she spoke candidly about kidney disease and the side effects of treatment.

“I’ve been put on a lot of medications like prednisone, which makes your face get larger — they call it moon face. It’s horrible. I lose and gain weight so fast. So that elasticity in your skin is just stretched out all the time from going back and forth,” she admitted.

For her skin concerns, she opts for Olay’s Regenerist Collagen Peptide24 collection, available now at Walmart.

“It’s Olay’s highest concentration of peptides. I just love moisturizer. I love moisturizer so much. I drink a lot of water — almost a gallon, if not a gallon a day — so you would think that my skin would feel moisturized, but somehow it doesn’t. Every time I put on moisturizer in the morning or at night, it’s just like my skin’s a thirsty bitch. She’s just like, Give me more moisturizer. This feels amazing,” she said of the moisturizer, for which she’s also a partner as part of the #FaceAnything campaign.

“[The Collagen Peptide24 collection is] formulated to penetrate into your skin’s surface, but I just feel that by using a beauty roller it penetrates even more. And it feels like you’re giving your face a massage,” she added of Nurse Jamie’s Uplift Massaging Beauty Roller.

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