Sarah Hyland & Wells Adams Voted On Their Third Anniversary

Did you know voting can double as a cute date activity? No, seriously. Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams voted on their third anniversary and, TBH, I can’t think of a better way to celebrate being in love in 2020. "On our anniversary, we sat down … and had all of our ballots and research laid out before us," Hyland told People on Oct. 21. "We filled out our ballots and walked our ballots over to the official dropoff box and triple-checked to make sure that it wasn’t one of the fake ones that are lying around California."

Now, to be fair, voting isn’t the only thing they did on their anniversary. The pair still indulged in the typical dinner and gifts ritual. Once they were done voting, Hyland added, "Wells cooked us dinner and we exchanged gifts and that was that."

If you follow Hyland, you may have already known she spent her Oct. 16 anniversary voting. The actress posted a video of herself taking her ballot to the mailbox to Instagram alongside this caption encouraging others to do the same:

That same day, Adams posted a sweet anniversary tribute to Hyland onto his Instagram grid. Alongside a black and white photobooth picture that featured him sticking his (very long) tongue out, he wrote:

Hyland posted her tribute a day earlier, posting a couple of sweet pictures of herself and Adams posing poolside alongside this incredibly gushy caption:

Hyland and Adams first announced their engagement over a year ago on July 16, 2019. Like many others, the two have had to since postpone their wedding plans as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. "We definitely want to get married one day and have the wedding of our dreams and have everybody that we love there," she told People on June 30. "But we postponed wedding planning because we want to be able to focus on what’s important right now, and that’s helping to spread information to wear masks and to only go out for essential needs and also take a really big look inside yourself and reflect on how you treat others."

Totally fair! Happy these two have continued to enjoy each other’s company, despite the curveballs life has thrown everyone’s way.

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