SAS’ Ollie Ollerton promises ‘tight butt’ with glutes workout

SAS: Who Dares Wins star Ollie Ollerton is back with another week of quick and easy workout routines, this time focusing on working the whole body and in particular, the glutes.

There’s a lot of skipping involved with this one, so you should definitely get used to it. 

First of all, start off with a two-minute skipping warm-up to refine your technique.

Once you’re warmed up, you’re going to do what’s known as a resistance band squat for one minute. 

All you have to do is trap the resistance band under one foot and pull the other end over your head to rest on the opposite shoulder.

Then squat down until your butt is at knee level. Reach out in front and stand back up. Just keep a nice straight back and feel the resistance. 

Next exercise, a resistance band squat press. Trap the band under both feet in a shoulder width stance and bring the resistance band up to shoulder level. 

All you do then is a squat but, as you come up, extend your arms towards the ceiling.

Next up is a glute extension. This is for you boys and girls out there who want a nice tight butt.

Kneel down and put your hands in the push-up position.

Put the band under only one foot, keep a straight back and extend your leg out behind you. Keep it up in a controlled way for one minute and feel the tension in your glute.

To round off, do a mixture of the resistance bands squats for a minute, skipping, glute extension and more skipping. 

That’s that! 

Feel free to switch it up with week one and week two of Ollie Ollerton’s exclusive workouts with 

With a passion to help people live better lives, Ollie Ollerton alongside co-star Jason Fox, has launched a new fitness app, Battle Ready 360, aimed at achieving the perfect balance between mind, body and nutrition. 

Users interested in Battle Ready 360 are encouraged to visit the App Store, where a seven-day free trial is available to try out the product.

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