Saturday Kitchens Matt Tebbutt admits landing BBC presenting role by accident

Saturday Kitchen Live: Matt Tebbutt's guest 'shows him up'

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Matt Tebbutt, who is best known for presenting Saturday Kitchen every week, almost didn’t become a television star. The chef admitted that he never planned for this career path, as he opened up on his beginnings in the industry.

Matt is a familiar face for BBC viewers who watch the star cooking up a storm each Saturday morning.

However, the presenter has now revealed he nearly had a very different career path.

Matt’s big break in the television industry was on the Great British Menu.

The cooking competition show featured the chef back in 2007 when he appeared representing Wales.

He later returned for another special in 2010 focussing on food waste.

“I got into TV by accident really,” he explained in a recent interview with

“A top restaurant reviewer visited my restaurant in Wales.

“[They] gave us a great review and then suggested me for The Great British Menu.”

Rather than being a TV presenter, Matt admitted his big dream was to be a chef.

Speaking about his beginnings in the industry, he admitted it had been a long time coming.

He explained: “I’ve always been into food and cooking, ever since our family caravanning holidays in Northern France.

“When I was introduced to big bowls of moules and mushrooms drenched in garlic butter.

“I also grew up cooking traditional dishes with my Mum and Nan.

“Then when I went to Uni, I really got into cooking fancy dishes for my student mates.

“I realised that I wanted to be a chef above all else.”

Matt was speaking as part of his work campaigning for Brits to choose ingredients local to home.

In particular, he’s created a series of recipes for the UK and Ireland Mushroom Producers.

He said of this: “I find myself cooking more vegetarian food these days as many people request it.

“I think many people are also starting to think more about where their food comes from and are trying to source more local, sustainable food.

“So I’m sure there will be more veggies on the table in many households this year.”

For more information on sustainability and recipe inspiration, head to @mushroom.miles on Instagram.

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