Sauce Walka Gets Shot at While Hosting Party on Instagram Live

Shots are allegedly fired during the Houston rapper’s ‘Paperwork Party’ in his music studio to celebrate him exposing his rival rapper Bilka 100 as a snitch.

AceShowbizSauce Walka‘s beef with Bilka 100 has almost turned deadly. The former allegedly got shot at while hosting a party to celebrate him exposing his rival as a snitch, which was all captured on Instagram Live.

On Saturday night, January 5, Sauce threw a so-called “Paperwork Party” in his music studio. He filmed it and aired it live on Instagram. Then suddenly gunshots were heard as music was still playing in the background, while some people were seen jumping to their safety and locking themselves inside a room.

Sauce survived the shooting and there’s no report of injury caused by the incident. This happened after he got his hands on paperwork which allegedly revealed Bilka had talked to police after getting robbed by two prostitutes in Las Vegas.

Taunting his enemy with the paperwork, he went through the neighborhoods of Houston where he posted copies of the alleged paperwork in various places. “I went to every hood u said ‘I CANT GO BACK TO,’ ” Sauce captioned pictures that showed him plastering trees with the paperwork and leaving them on a supermarket.

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Despite the shooting, Sauce didn’t seem to be unfazed at all. He continued to berate Bilka on his Instagram account. He reposted a woman’s Instagram Story post in which she admitted to be the person Bilka snitched on. “Wtf he get a hold of my paper work yes that man definitely snitched on us still fighting the case till this day,” she reacted to Sauce’s previous post.

The woman apparently also sent a direct message to the 30-year-old emcee. “Bruh that is my and my bestfriends paperwork ,,,how did y’all get that it’s definitely all true he called the police on us and wrote that statement I have proof we are on probation and everything for that,” she wrote to the rapper.

The woman also posted on her Stories, “Lmao I know it’s people that’s questioning what’s going and some ppl defending him but it’s more to that story idc that could’ve been handled way differently that man screamed out the door and waved the police down and added more to the story lying saying we took other s**t we didn’t I didn’t see no well respected man that day I see a [rat] that was mad they didn’t get they way.”

Bilka has not publicly responded to Sauce’s taunt and it’s unknown if he’s directly involved in the shooting at his rival rapper.

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