‘Scandal’s Kerry Washington & Tony Goldwyn Reunite & Name The ‘Olitz’ Song That Makes Him Cry — Watch

Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn reflected on their characters’ legendary romance in ‘Scandal’ during an Instagram Live session! One song from the ABC show still brings Tony to tears.

Kerry Washington, 43, and Tony Goldwyn, 59, shared a screen once again nearly two years after their time on Scandal came to an end! The co-stars played lovers Olivia Pope (Kerry) and President Fitzgerald Grant (Tony) on the famous ABC drama between 2012-2018 — hence, the birth of their couple’s name, “Olitz” — and reflected on their time playing the dynamic duo in an Instagram Live session on April 8. The chat included a fan Q&A, which led Kerry to tell Tony this: “People wanted to ask: What’s your favorite Olitz line?”

“How could it not be ‘one minute’? It’s just ‘one minute.’ Right, like every time we got to say ‘one minute’ I was like — ” Kerry says, gasping before finishing her sentence. Of course, she’s referring to the time limit her character and Tony’s often gave each other during their little lovers’ moments on Scandal. The show’s theme song, “The Light” by The Album Leaf, would often play during these tender scenes. Kerry can still hear it.

“And that music. That crazy music. So good,” she said, reminiscing on the theme song. Apparently, the song even brings Tony to tears! “That music, it still makes me cry when I hear that,” he confessed. “Sometimes I’ll be like in an elevator and the Scandal theme will be playing and I’ll be like, ‘Oh God.’ ” Tony demonstrated his best pretend cry, and he and Kerry couldn’t help but burst into laughter. “It’s so pathetic,” Tony joked, referring to his easy tendency to shed a tear when the theme song comes on.

Kerry reminded Tony that he’s not the only person whom the song has moved. “People have walked down the aisle to that music,” she said, which was news to Tony. “Really?!” he exclaimed, then marveled at their showrunner’s power over her viewers. “The impact of Shonda Rhimes’ universe is just incredible,” Tony said in wonder.

Kerry has now moved on to another big show: Little Fires Everywhere, the Hulu series in which Kerry plays the leading role of Mia Warren alongside her other leading lady, Reese Witherspoon. Meanwhile, Tony had a role in the Netflix horror series Chambers, which was canceled in 2019. Of course, both actors aren’t on any acting sets at the moment as they quarantine in their homes amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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