Selena Gomez Reveals the Scariest Part of Releasing Her Album ‘Rare’ After Four Years

Selena Gomez is opening up about her fear before releasing her latest studio album, Rare.

The “Lose You to Love Me” singer opened up as part of an interview for Dazed Digital.

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In the interview, one fan asked the scariest part of releasing an album after four years.

“That no one would like it and my career as a singer would be over. I genuinely thought that. I worked so, so hard on this album,” she admitted.

“It could have come out and completely flopped, and then it’s like, well, where do you go from here? I would have questioned everything because I doubt myself and that’s where I would have ended up – in a spiral. So I’m glad that it’s doing well. But I did everything I could to make it as personal and real (as possible),” she said.

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