Simon Le Bon addresses Harry and Meghans absence in music video: Not going to make it

Simon Le Bon speaks to The Express at The BRIT Awards

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Duran Duran star Simon Le Bon has spoken about “Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s” absence from the music video for the band’s new song, following the release of the their new album, FUTURE PAST, which celebrates 40 years since their first hit. Speaking about creating the film for hit ANNIVERSARY, the singer told how they created an imaginary party to celebrate the milestone, which was attended by an array of lookalike A-list stars. While the video heavily features a lookalike of the Queen, the singer, 63, addressed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s lack of appearance of sorts at the faux bash.

So they’re not going to make it tonight

Simon Le Bon

Speaking about filming, the singer told how the fake party was inclusive of all lookalike celebrities.

Simon said: “Like all Duran Duran parties, we invite everybody.”

However, he went on to address the Duke and Duchess of Sussex not being mentioned in any way.

“You’d hear someone saying, ‘Oh I’m afraid Meghan’s broken her ankle and Harry’s got a cold, so they’re not going to make it tonight’,” he told Sky News.

The iconic English rock band released their new song ANNIVERSARY as part of their 15th album FUTURE PAST.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the band’s first single Planet Earth along with their debut album.

ANNIVERSARY’S music video features the A-list lookalikes of Dolly Parton, Ariana Grande, Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Lopez, among many others.

A celebrity lookalike of the Queen also features heavily throughout, at one point playing poker with a lookalike Daniel Craig actor.

The James Bond imitator goes on to pose with firearms with a lookalike of Russian President Vladimir Putin, before the latter gallops around in a fancy dress horse outfit.

ANNIVERSARY’S music video starts with hoards of A-list celebs rolling up to a red-lit mansion, which has been decked out in balloons and champagne fountains for the celebrations.

A lookalike of US singer Billie Eilish walks around with a Kim Kardashian imitator, as Duran Duran take to the stage to perform their latest hit.

At one point a lookalike of Sir Elton John is seen strolling through the mansion in his iconic rocket man costume, as an imitator of climate change activist Greta Thunberg takes to the dance floor with a superstar Madonna lookalike.

The Queen sits surrounded by adoring fans as she fusses over two of her corgis, before going on to pose for a selfie with Skims founder Kim.

A lookalike of Ocean’s Eleven star George Clooney slides down the stairs before a Lady Gaga imitator falls into the champagne fountain, sending glasses flying everywhere.

The video ends with the A-list lookalikes jumping into an outdoor pool as the Queen falls asleep inside the luxury house.

Despite the lookalike of the monarch featuring multiple times through the video, Harry and Meghan do not.

In 2018 Simon’s eldest daughter Amber Le Bon was one of Harry and Meghan’s wedding guests on their big day.

The model couldn’t resist sharing her favourite moments from one of the biggest royal events of the decade to her Instagram.

Amber smiled as she posed for an outdoor snap, captioning the picture: “Pretty in pink… Saturday night sunset – rose quartz vibes bringing love,” as the event’s guests milled around in the background.

Following the main event at Windsor Castle, Harry and Meghan went on to host 200 guests at their intimate reception at Frogmore Hall.

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