Skai Jackson Exposes Engaged Man’s DM to Her: ‘You’re Going to Jail’

The 17-year-old actress has taken to her social media account to share receipts of one of the bothering messages she’d been receiving online from some ‘grown men.’

AceShowbizSkai Jackson has had enough of getting creepy messages from grown-up men. The 17-year-old actress took to her social media account to start exposing the men for their inappropriate behavior.

“I’m just gonna start exposing these grown men cause I’m sick and tired,” the “Jesse” star wrote on Twitter on Friday, March 13. Later, she shared receipts of one of the bothering messages she’d been receiving.

In a screenshot picture of her Instagram DM, a man could be seen writing to her, “Your mine,” before adding some heart emojis. Skai simply replied, “You’re going to jail,” with some playful emojis.

The man, whose username was censored, quickly backtracked on his initial message. “It was never that serious,” he attempted to explain. “your just one of my fav actors.”

People, however, didn’t buy the explanation. ” ‘You one of my fav actors’ Sir wtf was you doing watching Jessie,” one person commented. Encouraging Skai, another person added, “Dooooo it lil sus , cause we know [R. Kelly] ain’t the only one.”

Someone, meanwhile, clowned the man for trying “to clear that up sooooo quick once she said JAIL.”

However, some others appeared to share the same sentiment with the man, thinking that it wasn’t that deep in the first place. “She could just ignore them & keep it pushing,” one user advised.

Meanwhile, some others noted that Skai is only 3 weeks before turning legal. “She’s weeks from being legal ..chill sis,” one person wrote with someone else adding, “she’s about to 18 she needs to RELAX! she would not like it if somebody was doing this to her dad.”

Defending the actress, another fan argued, “People saying ‘she’s about to be 18’…. D****T SHE AINT 18 yet!! Have a daughter, then you’ll understand! Boundaries until these babies get grown.”

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