The Highest Paid YouTube Star Of 2018 Was A 7-Year-Old Toy Reviewer!

Do you have a burning passion for pulling pranks, playing video games, and/or reviewing toys? Then a career in YouTube might be right for you!

Forbes released the world’s 10 top-earning YouTubers of 2018 this week, reminding us that internet “content” applies to just about anything!

Take 2018’s top earner, Ryan ToysReview, for example. True to his handle, this seven-year-old toy expert has a thriving channel (nearly 26 billion views on his videos!) that shows him reviewing toys and games from different makers, playing with his mom and dad, and performing a few fun “challenges” to mix it up.

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Since launching the wholesome channel in 2015, Ryan now has over 17 million subscribers and raked in an estimated $22 million in just 12 months!

The secret to his success? Maybe it’s his telegenic charm. Maybe people just like to watch a happy kid play games with his loving parents. We don’t know. There’s a lot to unpack here, psychologically speaking, but this isn’t the time nor place for that.

Aside from the child millionaire, the rest of YouTube’s top earners are what you’d expect. At the No. two spot rests Jake Paul, who flexed an estimated $21.5 million in the 12 months to June 2018. The list also includes several video game YouTubers — including the controversial PewDiePie — and the dude-oriented channel Dude Perfect, which generated around $20 mil.

Not a single woman made the Top 10 list (below) this year. But based on what the YouTube masses seem to be gravitating towards, we have to ask… do they even want to be?

10 Top-Earning YouTube Stars Of 2018

10. Logan Paul, $14.5 million (specialty: pranks, douchebaggery)

9.  PewDiePie, $15.5 million (specialty: video games, anti-Semitism)

8. Jackscepticeye, $16 million (specialty: video games)

7. Vanoss Gaming, $17 million (specialty: video games)

6. Markiplier, $17.5 million (specialty: video games)

5. Jeffree Star, $18 million (specialty: beauty)

4. DanTDM, $18.5 million (specialty: Minecraft)

3. Dude Perfect, $20 million (specialty: Dudeism, dudeology)

2. Jake Paul, $21.5 million (specialty: pranks, not being Logan Paul)

1. Ryan ToysReview, $22 million (specialty: reviewing/playing with toys)

Do U have what it takes to be a YouTube star?

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