The Most Awkward and Cringey Moments of the 2021 Oscars

Let’s face it: awards season is awkward in a normal year. But this year? Even more so. Obviously, the COVID-19 pandemic made hosting ceremonies in-person, with hundreds of people squeezing in next to each other, basically impossible. Which meant a season full of Zoom acceptance speeches, tech problems, and weirdly glitchy celeb interactions. But! The Oscars tried to remedy that by having as many people in person as possible. Still, there were some awkward moments. Here were the most awkward.

Regina King tripping after she got onstage.

Okay, so Regina looked incredible tonight, but when she got on the stage to present the first award of the night, she tripped a little bit. It’s almost unfair to put it in the awkward moments category because when Regina trips, it still looks damn good. I mean, she had wings!

Daniel Kaluuya talking about his parents having sex in his acceptance speech.

There was a surprise twist at the end of Daniel’s acceptance speech when he won for Best Supporting Actor. He was talking about fate basically, and how it’s wild that we’re all here living on this earth, breathing, etc. etc. And then he took a little turn and thanked his mom and dad for having sex all those years ago. His mom’s reaction via the livestream was…incredible.

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