‘The Nanny’ star Fran Drescher isn’t in ‘a rush’ to date, says she feels ‘very peaceful being alone’

What Prompted Fran Drescher’s ‘Cancer Schmancer Movement’

After two years of misdiagnoses, Fran Drescher it helping to make sure other women never have to live through the same situation as she has.

Fran Drescher is happily single.

Speaking to Closer Weekly, “The Nanny” star explained: “COVID put a damper on [dating], so I put it on a back burner.”

“I like my bubble small with the people that I know live mindfully,” the 63-year-old continued in an interview published on Monday. “With strangers, you really don’t know that. I’m also not in a rush to get into another relationship because I’ve never been in such a satisfying relationship with myself as I am right now. I am using this opportunity to enjoy, without any pressure or stress, where I am in life.”

The actress was previously married to writing partner Peter Marc Jacobson from 1978 until 1999.

“The Nanny,” which catapulted Drescher to fame, explored how a cosmetics saleswoman fired from her job and dumped by her boyfriend, becomes the nanny to the three children of a rich English widower living in New York City. And as time passes, the two fall for each other. The show, which ran for six seasons, aired from 1993 until 1999.

‘The Nanny’ star Fran Drescher was previously married to writing partner Peter Marc Jacobson from 1978 until 1999
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“I’m actually very happy and very connected to myself,” Drescher said. “I always say I’m in a relationship with myself and it’s going quite well. Really, for the first time, I feel very peaceful being alone with myself. I practice Buddhist philosophy and I call myself a Bu-Jew.”

These days, Drescher has been keeping busying developing a Broadway musical version of “The Nanny.” However, Drescher stressed that she and Jacobson will “take as much as the universe offers us to make it as perfect as possible.”

As for her positive outlook on life? Drescher wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Nobody leaves this planet unscathed,” she said. “But what we do with it, how we work through it, and what becomes of us, as a result, is what makes all the difference … Always count your blessings! I think it’s hard, especially for women, to put our own needs first.”

“You know, I started out being strong for my career, and strong for others,” Drescher said. “And it’s taken me my life to become strong for me, to put myself into the equation of my life, to make my needs more important. So now, when I feel self-doubting or rejected, I’ll tell myself, ‘I love you, Fran. I know how special you are.’ It’s Fran and Fran until the end of time. Everybody else is just a player in the story.”

In 2011, Fran Drescher returned to television with ‘Happily Divorced,’ which was based on her marriage to Peter Marc Jacobson.
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Back in 2019, Drescher told Fox News she and Jacobson are closer than ever.

“He came out as gay, so he’s officially my gay ex-husband,” she said at the time. “We met when we were 15. We created ‘The Nanny.’ That became my baby. We were excellent writing and producing partners. And we’re now the best of friends. My parents still view him as a son.”

Jacobson, now 63, confessed to Drescher he was gay two years after their 21-year marriage ended in 1999, but he had revealed he might be bisexual some years into their union, according to People magazine.

Jacobson denying his true sexuality made him “angry and controlling,” causing her to leave him at the height of “The Nanny,” Drescher told the magazine.

“Honestly, he did not want the marriage to end,” she explained. “I needed it to end. I needed to find myself outside of the marriage and he needed to find himself outside of the marriage. He was mad at me for a while.”

‘The Nanny,’ starring Fran Drescher, aired from 1993 until 1999.
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However, a shocking diagnosis reunited the pair. While Drescher was wrapping up the final season of her widely successful sitcom in 1999, she was secretly trying to find out what was wrong with her. It wouldn’t be until 2000 when Drescher found out she had uterine cancer.


“When I got cancer, one of the silver linings was that the minute he was told, he burst into tears and all of his anger melted away,” Drescher recalled. “All that was left was the love. And from that point forward, we started to rebuild our friendship.”

Drescher has been cancer-free since 2000 and she is the president of the Cancer Schmancer Movement, an organization dedicated to raising awareness on the importance of early detection and prevention.

In 2011, Drescher returned to television with “Happily Divorced,” which was based on her marriage to Jacobson.

Jacobson and Drescher recreated the Sherman Oaks, Calif., cottage they once called home for the series. At the time, she described revisiting “the good old days” as “bittersweet.”

Fran Drescher told Closer Weekly she’s ‘very happy and very connected to myself.’

The series came to an end in 2013, but the love and admiration the duo shared endured.

“We’re family,” said Dresher. “That’s what it is. And we love each other. And everyone has the right to live an authentic life.”

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