The SAG Awards Will Be Much Different This Year – Here’s How

The upcoming 2021 Screen Actors Guild Awards are switching things up for this year’s ceremony.

Typically, the award show spans for several hours and features many presenters and guests while they recognize outstanding performances in film and prime time television.

According to Variety, the SAG Awards are cutting the ceremony down this year to just one hour.

“We’re looking at trying to do a unique award ceremony in an hour and leave people saying, which they very rarely do [with an awards show], ‘Man, I wish we had more,’” co-executive producer Todd Milliner shared.

Co-executive producer Kathy Connell adds that she hopes viewers “respect the show enough and everybody does, and their fellow actors, that they don’t want to disappoint the audience at home by letting any surprises go.

The trade paper reveals that the awards will actually be handed out just days before the actual show and the winner from each category will get the chance to make an acceptance speech.

The aired ceremony will include the presentation of 13 awards, as well as feature comedy bits, the “I Am An Actor” segments, and an “In Memoriam” segment.

The 2021 SAG Awards will air on Sunday, April 4, on TNT and TBS @ 9/8c.

Here’s the full list of nominations to refresh your memory.

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