This Video of Adele Flipping Her Hair and Rapping Along to "WAP" Is a Borderline Religious Experience

In the beginning, there was Adele and there was “WAP” and then the two came together and it was good. Actually it was amazing.

On Friday night, Adele put on a long-sleeved, metallic copper-colored dress, accessorized with her usual aura of steez, and stepped out in West Hollywood to attend Savannah James’ 35th birthday party. The link? Adele’s new boyfriend, Rich Paul, is an agent and happens to represent Savannah’s husband, LeBron James. Adele had approximately zero inhibitions at the party, which makes sense considering A) she’s a Queen with no fear and B) according to People, she and Rich have been a ~thing~ for a few months now, so this is probably not her first time hanging out with his inner circle.

When Adele started dancing and rapping along to Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s straight up anthem, “WAP,” LeBron did the entire world a favor and pressed record (okay, the video was actually *mostly* focused on Savannah, who was looking sexy AF in a black cutout dress and truly vibing to the song, but Adele’s appearance in the background is still noteworthy, too). He shared the footage to his Instagram Story and Adele fan accounts quickly ripped it and preserved it as the important piece of cultural history it is:

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Do you feel moved to your core by Adele’s “WAP” rendition (not to mention *THAT* epic hair flip)? Because that was the general consensus on Twitter, where the moment was dubbed the mood of moods and a “new religion.”

There were those who were moved on a deep level and, TBH, seemed like they expected to be:

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