Tominey: The Cambridges need to quit their ‘jet-set lifestyle’ to have credibility

There are so many fascinating things about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s events in and around the COP26 conference in Glasgow this week. For one, there’s barely been any post-event reporting on Will and Kate’s Scottish keening. That’s how you know there’s trouble somewhere – following the GoldenKeen moment at the No Time to Die premiere, the British press was still talking about it for days! They made it sound like Kate’s rat’s nest wiglet was going to save the nation with glamour. There’s been none of that following W&K’s Glasgow appearances. Why is that? Additionally, I still have questions about whether W&K were scheduled to do more in Glasgow and then just shrugged it off. Speaking of, Camilla Tominey wrote a piece in the Telegraph (via the Daily Express) about how William and Kate need to change their “jet set” lifestyles and Tominey actually pointed out that William and Kate left Glasgow separately. This piece is so curious coming from a keen-defender like Tominey:

Royal commentator Camilla Tominey warned the royals that they must keep up with green choices if they want to remain credible in their pleas to save the earth from rising temperatures and pollution. In particular, the royals ought to find an alternative to the use of the incredibly polluting private jets, she said.

Writing in the Telegraph’s weekly royal newsletter Your Royal Appointment, Ms Tominey said: “While both the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cambridge delivered hard-hitting speeches that were well received, they must also now put their words into action by completely dispensing with this hypocritical form of travel from hereon in. To be fair, William and Kate should be commended for taking the train to Scotland on this occasion, while Charles apparently flew from Rome to Glasgow on an RAF flight running on sustainable aviation fuel. But if they are to remain credible voices on this totemic issue, they must continue to travel sustainably rather than going back to their previous jet-set lifestyle.”

All the royals in attendance at COP26 have stayed clear of private jets also when they left the summit.

Kate returned to England on Monday evening on a scheduled airline service – as did Camilla on the following day. The Duke of Cambridge returned home on Tuesday evening from Glasgow by train, the same means of transport he had chosen to reach Scotland earlier this week.

[From The Daily Express]

So Kate and William arrived in Glasgow via commercial train – although there is no evidence of that other than their word – and then Kate left right after she made an ass out of herself at the opening night reception, and she flew commercial? And then William still had his Keenshot reception on Tuesday, and he left soon after that, by train as well. Hm. I mean, even if it’s true (??) that still doesn’t change the fact that they use their private helicopter the same way most people use their cars. The Queen even had to give them a dedicated helicopter to persuade them to do more work! And they still don’t work. You could argue that Kate left Glasgow after one day because she wanted to get home to the kids. Sure. But it’s still completely strange to me that Kate wasn’t asked to do anything more than “hang out with Scouts” and “do jazz hands at the reception.” She probably was asked to do more and she flatly refused. Because she was mad that her vacation had to be cut short!

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