Tory Lanez Seemingly Shades Megan Thee Stallion or DaBaby With ‘Disloyalty’ Tweet

Upon reading Tory’s cryptic tweets, some people think that he’s indirecting either Megan or DaBaby though most users believe that it’s more for the Hot Girl Summer than it’s for the ‘ROCKSTAR’ rapper.

AceShowbizTory Lanez appears to share his two cents on the feud between Megan Thee Stallion and DaBaby over him. On Tuesday, June 22, the Canadian rapper tweeted about disloyalty and fans believed that it was directed to either Megan or DaBaby.

“Disloyalty is a Disconnect for me …..,” so the “Quarantine Radio” host wrote on Twitter. In a separate post, he said, “Why lie when u could have just told the truth.”

Upon reading Tory’s cryptic tweets, some people thought that he was indirecting either Megan or DaBaby though most users believed that it was more for the Hot Girl Summer than it was for the “ROCKSTAR” rapper. “Listen Tory if it’s Megan just tell us the story of what happened #MobRadio we all want to know,” one fan urged. “Just tell us what happened Tory it’s been a year,” another person wrote.

Some others, meanwhile, thought that Tory wasn’t the right person to talk about being not loyal. “He gotta take his own advice,” someone said. “He was looking in the mirror when he said that lol,” another person wrote, as one penned, “Didn’t you lie about shooting Megan?”

Not all people were interested in the drama surrounding the three hip-hop stars. “WE DONT CARE its been a year we dont know the full story get on with life now,” one tired fan said. “Not to be insensitive. I’m BEYOND tired of hearing this Megan & Tory Lanez story line,” another person commented.

This arrives after DaBaby and Megan were trading insults which reportedly stemmed from the former’s collaboration with Tory. Seemingly shading DaBaby, Megan, who joined forces with DaBaby for several songs, tweeted, “support me in private and publicly do something different…. these industry men are very strange. This situation ain’t no damn ‘beef’ and I really wish people would stop down playing it like it’s some internet shit for likes and retweets.”

DaBaby, however, took it as a shot at him and then fired back, claiming Megan had “let these folks get the best you,” and told her to maintain her stance “without feeling like I’m against ya.”

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