Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien & More Celebrate ‘Teen Wolf’ 10 Year Anniversary

The cast of Teen Wolf are celebrating ten years of the show!

Over the weekend, many of the show’s stars took to social media on Saturday (June 5) to celebrate the ten year anniversary of the show’s premiere.

Teen Wolf made it’s debut on MTV on June 5, 2011 and became one of the most popular series on the network to date!

The hit show ran for six seasons, from 2011 to 2017, and followed Scott (Tyler Posey), who was just a regular guy until one bite changed his life forever. Now he struggles to understand who he is and what he might become. Is he more wolf than human – or is it the other way around? Whichever it is, it’s not going to be easy.

Just last year, the cast got together virtually for a quarantine reunion. Check it out here!

If you missed it, Teen Wolf was also recently added to this streaming service just a few months ago.

Stars like Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien, Holland Roden, JR Bourne, Melissa Ponzio, and Arden Cho all took to social media to celebrate the series and it’s tenth anniversary.

“I have no pics on my phone so had to steal from my friends. 10 years ago my life changed for the better and all you fans remind me every day of that and I love all of you and everyone helped make this show as bada– as it was. Happy 10 f–king years!!” Tyler wrote on Instagram.

“10 years ago today a werewolf show premiered on MTV and succeeded. Go f–kin’ figure. Love ya always Teen Wolf ❤️❤️❤️ #10YearsOfTeenWolf,” Dylan shared on Twitter.

“First off, I just want to apologize for @coltonlhaynes on aging so poorly over the last ten years where as everyone else is fairing pretty well 💁‍♀️also thank you to @jfd1375 @justlevyhere and @russellmulcahy for changing my life and allowing me to grow into an incredible professional opportunity as well as building some of the strongest friendships in my life ❤️ #teenwolf #10yearsofteenwolf THANK YOU TO THE BEST MOM/DAD/QUEEN FANS ON THE PLANET YOU GUYS KEEP ROCKING THAT PHANTOM SEASON 7🧚‍♂️❤️🔥🙏 ROCK ON (ps also I got my daughter second season and I like to think Teen Wolf was in my life to find the love of my life -last pic 🎉💯)” Holland wrote.

“10 years…this #TeenWolfFamily photo has many, not all, of the fantastic humans who created in their own special way, special department, special touch, our very very special show over six seasons. To every person who worked on this show, even for one day, Thank You 💙💙💙 And an extra special thank you to Jeff Davis, who dreamed, thought, created, imagined a world we could all get lost in for a spell 🦋🦋🦋” Melissa said on Instagram.

Arden shared, “Love seeing all these amazing fan edits for our #10yearsofTeenWolf! Thank you ☺️ Forgot that Kira had some sexy scenes haha! 🦊🔥🙈 Which ones were your favs?? #KiraYukimura #Teenwolf,” with one of her three posts. Check ‘em out on her Instagram!

“Today is the 10year anniversary of our little show #teenwolf. As a thank you to @jfd1375 and our family of viewers for changing all our lives, here’s a big ass photo dump of the years together! Some are outta focus but the vibes are there! Peace, love and gratitude to y’all!!” JR Bourne said in an Instagram post.

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