‘Was trying to help!’ Escape to the Chateau’s Dick Strawbridge defends Angel mishap to fan

Escape to the Chateau: Dick and Angel mix cement together

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Escape to the Chateau Make Do and Mend has been airing weekly on Channel 4 as viewers watch Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree back on screens. However, a moment in the latest episode left Dick defending himself in a humorous interaction on Twitter.

Dick and Angel had set to work in the new episode on creating a shed for their daughter Dorothy.

Based on the one son Arthur already has, the new shed was planned to be a special mermaid-themed hideout for the young girl.

Viewers saw Dick and Angel attempting to start building it on last night’s episode.

However, there was one moment, in particular, that proved quite taxing for former army colonel Dick and his wife.

As they were getting ready to start building the base, the couple rolled in wheelbarrows to make their concrete.

Explaining the process, Dick said: “It’s a one, two, four.

“We’re going to start with a one, two, one, one, two, which adds up to the same.”

Angel looked on bemused during the exchange before the pair burst into laughter.

She replied: “See, all you’re doing is confusing me.”

Later on, it seemed it had become too much for Angel to work out as she got the ratio wrong.

“You’ve got one sand and two gravel, you need to have two sand so what are you going to do?” Dick asked her.

Angel said: “I’m going to put another two in,” before Dick burst out with: “You’re going to put another one in.”

“But when you’re saying do one, two, three or four but then put two before three before four….”, replied Angel.

“It was sounding really complicated!”

The mix-up seemed to resonate with viewers as well as they found themselves giggling over the moment.

Taking to Twitter, one viewer shared a gif of a woman trying to work out difficult maths.

They penned: “Working out the concrete ratio #EscapetotheChateau.”

However, Dick himself couldn’t resist posting a cheeky response defending his actions.

He replied: “I was trying to help!! By putting it in a different order it saves mixing!!

“Angela just didn’t believe me!” he then added.

Escape to the Chateau: Make Do and Mend airs weekly on Thursdays on Channel 4.

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