‘What on earth?’ Lord Sugar’s concerns about Staceys sisters business ahead of investing

Stacey Solomon on Alan Sugar's reaction to sister's business

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Stacey Solomon’s sister Jemma joined the Loose Women panellists today to discuss her business The Label Lady and memories with her sibling. During they chat, Stacey revealed what Lord Sugar, 74, initially said to her sister on a Zoom call before he decided to invest.

Jemma set up her business withjust £300 after quitting her job as a paediatric nurse in January 2020.

The businesswoman customises vinyl labels which have been seen on the likes of Stacey and Mrs Hinch’s Instagram pages.

The reality star’s sister has grown even more popularity with the help of businessman Lord Sugar.

The Apprentice star invested in Jemma’s business after he asked small business owners to get in contact with him.

According to Stacey, the businessman wasn’t overly sold on the idea at first.

She explained that at first they “couldn’t believe” the business mogul was interested.

The expectant mum added: “I remember Jemma finishing her first zoom call and I said, ‘So, how did it go?’

“And she said, ‘He said, ‘What on earth are these things? What are they these labels?’

“He couldn’t get his head around it,” she added, laughing.

Jemma previously said of her growing business: “After quitting my job as a pediatric nurse in January 2020, I started to make more because I was at home more.

“I wanted a change and was looking for another job in the NHS at the time and doing shifts where you float between hospitals.

“I always questioned if I was good enough to make a career out of labels – but thought I’d just start by selling them on the side and seeing what happened.

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“I never expected it to take off like it has!”

During her spare time, Jemma researched software and machinery online and learnt how to use the printer with YouTube tutorials.

“I taught myself how to do everything and never had any background in business,” she added to The Sun’s Fabulous Magazine.

Elsewhere, Stacey recently revealed that Jemma had moved in with her while husband-to-be Joe is away.

The latter is currently on a fishing trip with his eldest son Harry, 14.

She told her followers: “My sister set up a movie night for the kids. She is staying here while Joe’s away because I am a big baby!”

Stacey and Joe are expecting their second baby together, this time a daughter.

The pair were due to get married this month, but decided to postpone their wedding while she is pregnant

She told fans: “We are going to move it back a bit, maybe not until next year but we both said we’d be a bit gutted to look back at pictures and all of our babies weren’t there.

“So for the sake of a few months we will do it when they are all here.”

Loose Women airs weekdays from 12.30pm on ITV.

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