Wheel Of Fortune Fans In Shock After TWO Absurd Contestant F**k-Ups: 'Where Do They Find These People'?!

Whoever is picking the contestants on Wheel of Fortune is doing a G_EAT job, because they sure have the internet talking endlessly about these unforgettable viral moments!

This week, two more seemingly unimaginable screw-ups became very real on the Pat Sajak-hosted daytime TV game show. You seriously have to see these things happen to believe them!

The first one was perhaps the most ridiculous, with contestants on Wednesday’s episode balking at what should have been a gimme puzzle:


Spoiler alert, the answer was “RENTING A PEDAL BOAT” and even after the contestants were able to come up with every letter except for the “L” in “pedal,” they STILL couldn’t get it right!

Ch-ch-check out this zany moment (below):


They needed five guesses before somebody could come up with “pedal,” too! FIVE GUESSES?!

Sure, sure, “paddle boat” is probably more common. But how do you not come up with “pedal” when the P-E-D-A are already handed to you?! These are clearly not Wordle players…

And another snafu actually occurred during the prior evening’s show, too! In that one, contestant Chris Bryant lost the puzzle after he took a shot at an infamous 80s song lyrics by the Eurhythmics, guessing “sweet dreams are made of these” instead of the correct answer!

As you can see (below), because he mistakenly said “these” instead of the correct answer, which is “this,” he couldn’t come away with the prize:

Womp womp!

TBH, we get it. The song does totally sound like it’s “these” — plus it totally makes it rhyme with:

“I’ve traveled the world and the seven seas…”

Frankly if Annie Lennox can mean “this” but pronounce it “these” we think he should have gotten it. Just sayin’!

What a week of flubs and flops!

Viewers couldn’t believe their ears and eyes upon watching these moments go down on TV, either. Here are just a few of the MANY reactions to the craziness:

“Another cringe-worthy night on #WheelOfFortune!”

“Where do they find these people to play Wheel of Fortune?”

“What is in the water(s) over at Wheel of Fortune?”

“Saw some dude on wheel of fortune fail because he said ‘Sweet dreams are made of these’ when the word ‘this’ was up there instead of ‘these.’ f**kin’ bozo”


Reactions, Perezcious readers?!

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