Wife Arrested On Murder Charge For Allegedly Shooting Husband While He Was On A 'Live Chat'

Big yikes ahead…

A woman was arrested on a murder charge last week after she allegedly killed her husband while he was on a “live chat” call AND attempted to make his death look like an accident.

Emily Ikuta allegedly shot her husband Jourell Ng in their Las Vegas apartment late at night on March 22, according to a police report obtained by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Afterward, the 37-year-old called 911 and told dispatchers that she had come home from walking her dog when she found her husband faced down on the ground. The man was also struggling to breathe before he eventually died.

In a subsequent interview, the Nevada resident hinted that Ng could have accidentally shot himself while cleaning a gun. Per the Review-Journal’s reports, Ikuta then added she located the weapon near his body and locked it in a closet at the time of the incident.

But the police didn’t buy her story at all! In the report, authorities said that Ikuta’s explanation of the events didn’t match up with the evidence found.

“Below the body of (Ng), there was no large pooling of blood that was expected had (Ng) been found face down, as Ikuta stated she had found him.”

While Investigators did find the gun cleaning supplies, none of the items had actually been used.

“The cleaning mat used was rolled up on the second shelf along with the cleaning tools, solvents, and gun oil.”

Even more so, the bullet that killed Ng traveled in a downward route, which didn’t go with the story if he had shot himself while cleaning the gun, according to the report. If she really did do it, how she thought she would get away with it based on the evidence, we will never know. It’s called science, guys!

Investigators were also called by a friend of the 36-year-old, who said they were “on a live chat with during the time of his murder.” Per the Review-Journal, Police wrote:

“They informed detectives they heard (Ng’s) dog barking in the background of the call, prior to hearing a slapping noise they believed was a gunshot.”

The pal heard a scream and then nothing else. That poor person probably wasn’t expecting to have to witness a tragic event! Ikuta now faces one count of murder. It’s unclear if she has entered a plea deal and is scheduled to attend court on April 8.

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