3 Celebrity-Approved, Last-Minute Emergency Gift Ideas You Can Find at American Eagle

Every time gift giving season rolls around, it's as if our brains reboot and return back to their factory settings. Between all the pressure to deliver and our usual last minute scramble (oops!), we admittedly draw a blank — even when it comes to gathering ideas for someone we know really well, like a parent, sibling, or lifelong best friend.

This all too common holiday dilemma inspired InStyle to ask celebrities for advice. What are they getting their loved ones for 2021? Well, according to American Eagle campaign stars Madison Bailey, Chase Stokes, and Addison Rae, there are plenty of great gifts to be found at the beloved mall store.

Bailey, for instance, recommends perusing the accessories section first — specifically, the jewelry.

"My earrings are from here, and I haven't taken them off since I put them on," the Outer Banks star told us when we caught up with her at American Eagle's Cozy Together Holiday Forever shopping event in New York City. "Also, beanies."

Bailey also isn't against giving clothing as gifts, as long as you know the person's size.

"Honestly, the jeans will literally always be my favorite thing at American Eagle," she adds.

Stokes, her co-star from the hit Netflix series, agrees, saying pants could be a good way to go.

"I recently got into cargo pants a little bit. I like the pockets so I can hide all my goodies in there, like my cell phone, things like a mask. I really like that."

Still, the actor has another idea for those searching for a gift that's more 'universal.'

"Another thing is boxers," he tells InStyle. "Everybody wears boxers. So it's just like, 'You get some boxers. You get some boxers.'"

When Bailey chimes in that she, too, wears boxers, his choice is solidified.

"That's what I'm saying!" says Stokes. "Everybody walks around the house in boxers. I feel like that's a really good one."

Alternatively, TikTok star and actress Addison Rae is currently keeping top fashion trends in mind when picking out presents.

"If I were gifting my friends, I would probably say an oversized band tee is my direction," she tells us (which makes sense, since Addison helped bring back the statement graphic tee trend in 2021). "They're always really cute, and just casual enough to be comfortable. You can wear them wherever, depending on how you style it — like leather pants or black jeans with a band tee."

Addison is also a fan of American Eagle's Waffle Layering Tee, and even wore one herself when InStyle spoke to her.

"The black one is a year-round staple because you can wear it underneath whatever. That for sure is a go-to."

The good news is, American Eagle also has a full gift section, so even if these celeb-approved recommendations won't work for the people on your list, you might find another item that does. But, if you're still stumped after browsing, not to worry: InStyle editors have compiled their own great gift ideas, from candles to throw blankets, that may inspire you while you shop.

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