A Closer Look at the Details You Missed in Kid Cudi's Latest Video, With 'TAGGED'

Music videos in 2020 often hold a lot more meaning than can initially meet the eye. An item or an object that might appear meaningless at first glance could carry a deeper meaning upon closer inspection. HYPEBEAST’s latest video series, TAGGED, is dedicated to exploring these more intricate details, and in turn unearthing stories that are often hidden in plain sight.

After kicking off this new series with a detailed look inside Travis Scott’s garage earlier this month, TAGGED now dives into a living room still from Kid Cudi’s ‘She Knows This – The Rager, The Menace Part 1’ video.

From a lion ornament that sits beside a TV that shows a scene from the 2006 film The Pursuit of Happiness — a potential nod to a track from his 2009 Man on the Moon: The End of Day album — to the striking Louis Vuitton vest the rapper dons throughout, it’s a video that contains plethora of potentially messages.

Alongside hidden meanings, the video also features Kid Cudi’s new sci-fi-inspired Vadawam 326 sneaker alongside adidas, as well as G-Shock’s collaborative release with BAPE, a brand Cudi has a long-standing history with.

You can watch TAGGED‘s dissection of Kid Cudi’s latest music video above.

In other news, fragment design joins RAMIDUS for Nexkin tote collection.
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