Amazing hack to hide unsightly wires will make your home look 10 times better – and anyone can do it

EVER get frustrated with having a large pile of wires and plugs by your bed?

A woman has shared her solution to keeping unsightly chords out of sight – and the finished result looks ten times better. 

TikTok user Emma Alers, who posts under @emma.alers, shared how all you need is some sticky double-sided tape. 

Speaking in her video, she said: “Is it just me or does everybody else hate chords all over the ground?

“I have this hack for you.

“Get a power board (extension cable), turn it over and grab some double-sided Scotch tape.

“Put the Scotch tape on the back of the power board and peel off.

“Put the power board on the back of your bedside table and squish it down as hard as you can.

“Then get your power leads and plug into the power board, click, click, click in the order you prefer.

“Then all you need to do is put the bedside table back and voila, the chords are all hidden.”

Her handy hack, who has the caption “Why have I only JUST done this” has racked up over 640,000 views. 

Many people praised the idea, with one saying: “Soooo clever.”

Another added: “Awesome idea.”

However, a third wrote: “Nice idea but I can’t handle my table not being against the wall.”

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