Aries horoscope: What your star sign has in store for May 15 to 21

MAR 21 – APR 20
This week is all about balance for you, as the full moon highlights areas of life you may feel over-stretched or under-rewarded.  

Deciding to make changes is the key – then actually making them can follow fast. This time, you’ll see it through. 

If you’re in love, a deep dream can come to the surface now. Single?  Your perfect match is listening to music when you meet.

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MAKE THIS THE WEEK YOU… Step out of the shadows at work and let your true talents light up a room, or a meeting.  Stick to fresh food habits a little longer.  Call a different friend or family member every day just to say hello.

ECLIPSE INSIGHTS:  The lunar eclipse this week falls in your eighth
house, ruling personal growth, transformation and any debts you may have, whether financial, emotional – or maybe in terms of time or attention. 

The full moon’s insight helps you get these into order of
importance, and start paying them off.  But you also weigh your personal needs up against those of people around you, and find a more equal division that reduces stress.

Silence isn’t an option – if you want and need more, the moon encourages you to speak.

MYSTIC MOTTO: “I have confidence in my own instincts”

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